Lunch Money/S&S: Chunk disarm question.

I have a question about how to interpret the Chunk/Disarm rules from Lunch Money/Sticks and Stones. Here are the pertinent rules:

  1. Weapons
    Unlike Basic Attack Cards,
    Weapon Cards return to your hand after
    use (unless countered by a DISARM).
    These cards may be DODGED, BLOCKED,
    or DISARMED.

  2. Disarm
    This card is played against any Weapon
    Card attack. No counters are lost by the
    defender, and the weapon card is discarded.

  3. Chunk
    This card works as a Weapon card
    (see LM rules), but is a non-specific
    thrown weapon; the player must
    describe the weapon’s form. Apples,
    snowballs, and bricks all make good
    weapons, for example. CHUNK may
    be DODGED, HUMILIATED, or otherwise
    defended against, but can’t be
    BLOCKED. To disarm a player using
    CHUNK, that player must be GRABBED
    and then DISARMED; the CHUNK card
    is then discarded.

Now rules 1 & 2 are clear enough but when rule 3 is added things get a little unclear. Chunk is a weapon card which cannot be blocked, so Chunk > Block/Grab/Disarm would not be legal. Humiliate allows a free basic attack but Grab is a specialty card so, Chunk > Humiliate/Grab/Disarm would not be legal. After the Chunk attack is resolved it returns to the players hand as per rule 1. This would imply that a player would have to Grab/Disarm on his own turn but the Chunk card would be in the other players hand. If this is the intention could a player Disarm other weapons in players hands in a similar manner? Would they need to use Grab/Disarm or just Disarm for (say) a Knife, or is Chunk the only exception? Would a player who uses Grab/Disarm on his turn still get a free basic attack?

Yes, that's one way.

Additionally, if that player happen to play a different attack (say because he drew a Hail Mary or Smite or some other power hit) and you blocked that attack I suppose you could follow up with a grab + disarm. Likewise, if you attacked them and they blocked but didn't follow up with a grab then you again have an opportunity to grab and disarm.

Technically Disarm is a defensive card. To me it is the explicit description in the Chunk that enables the special combination of Grab and Disarm. Without the rules saying something is allowed (or an example present that shows it) then the combination is not valid.

The Grab allows a free basic attack OR starts a multi-card combo. I thin the Disamr chunk would fall into the latter.


I was hoping there would have been a little more internal consistency in the wording of the rules. However your opinion appears sound and would seem to be in keeping with the spirit of the rules. Thanks for your reply.