Lunch Money Weapon question

An argument has arisen in our group. One player has come to the conclusion that since the rules state that weapon cards stay in your hand, that it can be used more than once in the same turn.

For example,

p1: knife
p1:humiliation + knife (again)


p1: knife
p2: block
p1: imaginary friend + knife (again)

Is this right? Or, since the actions don't resolve till the end of the turn is the knife already comitted and therefore out of play till the end of the turn?

Actually it says:

So you do have to play it out of your hand. But I guess it doesn't actually say when it gets returned to your hand.

It is clarified in the Sticks and Stones supplement:

So after each attack (as opposed to after the end of the turn) the weapon does go back to your hand.