[Lunch Money] Weird 2-Fer!

I do not own Lunch Money, so I can't refer to the cards right now, but my good friend does and we play often. In the last game a Weird 2-Fer was used which resulted in much debating between the final two players of a 5 person match... eventually resulting in a draw since no mutually agreeable decision could be reached and we desired to avoid an actual fist fight in his living room (or stupidly drawing cards or rolling dice for a randomly determined resolution). I have done a keyword search on google and in these forums, as well as reading the online Lunch/Beer FAQ, but found no answers.

Weird increases a joined attack by 2 damage counters. When used with a 2-Fer (two seperate 3 damage counter attacks) what is the result?

A) Each seperate 3 damage counter attack from the 2-Fer gains 2 damage counters each for a resulting 5 and 5.

B) The entire attack gains 2 damage counters which are split into a resulting 4 and 4.

C) The entire attack gains 2 damage counters which results in a 5 and a 3.

D) The entire attack gains 2 damage counters which can be split by the attacker as desired resulting in a (4 and 4) or a (3 and 5) as the attacker chooses.

E) None of the above (please elaborate).

Interesting one. Here are the rules in question:

The player of this card does something
so weird that it increases his or her
own attack by 2 counters. The player
should describe what he or she is
doing to cause the effect. When played
in conjunction with a combo, the
“weirdness” is applied to one attack of
the combo. WEIRD works with Basic
Attack and Specialty cards only.

This card deals 2 attacks worth 3
counters each. These attacks, which
are described by the player, may be
split between 2 opponents at the
player’s option. Each attack must be
DODGED or BLOCKED separately.

I think the key here is that in a combo Weird is "applied to one attack of the combo" (NOT one CARD of the combo), while 2-Fer "deals 2 attacks." So 2-Fer's normal 3 and 3 would become 5 and 3 when Weird is applied.