Lurking the Games looking For Players but...

Just making it known I'm hoping to join a Play-by-Post game. I miss Ars and number crunching. Experienced tabletop player of the core system, new-ish to play-by-post, and willing to start at the bottom as a storyteller's apprentice/monkey playing grogs and adding snark.

EDIT Yeah, after reading through some of the character building you guys have done for Atlantis and Canaris, I am NOT an experienced player of all of the expansions and extra possibilities - I know CORE rulebook and Covenants (so bp's and building labs, sure!) and I thought I knew the House books (Mystery Cults, True Lineages, and Societies) but y'all making me doubt myself now.

I'll be mostly using the core book.

Hi there, I wish to join Im fairly new to DnD but I do know the basics. I like to play it as I have done a few sessions. I will know how to play but I may need a bit of help setting up a character. Is that all ok?