Lusignan the Fool

I'm intrigued by this "Lusignan the Fool" mentioned in the main rulebook. Is there a book (for either edition) that talks more about him?

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Replying here to also get the answer. It seems so interesting.

Apparently it is a jester card in Shadowfist CCG - and his creator was perhaps inspired by Guy de Lusignan.

If you can get your hands on the book Marked for Death he shows up in the adventure "The Shape of Guilt."

Unfortunately, it's one of the books they haven't been able to reprint or release in PDF.

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I think he got mentioned in the FS1 supplement Elevator To The Netherworld as well, with a bit more information on him. (That book has a lot of information on aspects and personalities in the Netherworld.)


Elevator was actually the first place I looked before asking here. Either he's not in that book, or it's spelled differently there so it's not coming up in the search of the PDF.

Interestingly, a search for the word "jester" in Elevator to the Netherworld reveals just one instance: when it mentions that Huan Ken employs entertainers, but notes specifically that he does NOT employ jesters. It does not elaborate as to why.

That's odd - I'm sure that I'd heard of him before FS2, but my FS1 collection is all hardcopy, so a lot harder to bulk-search. (And I didn't play ShadowFist, so it wouldn't be from there.)
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