Mad question: Anyone have any 1st Edition character sheets?

I'm looking for some first edition character sheets (pdf/word/excel, etc). Have you got any tucked away at the back of your hard drive somewhere?

I could photocopy them I guess but I'm loath to flex the old black book too much. My default is to generate them myself but I thought I'd ask here first. There's bound to be someone better-prepared than me out there...

So, do any of you have any first edition sheets?



I too would be interested in these, if they exist.

I'll have to join the band wagon then, I too am loath to torment my precious collectable book in order to copy from it. Somebody needs to take one for the team guys!

Why not post in the Ask Atlas section as well.

Thread-o-mancy, sorry about that.

But has anyone procured such a sheet?

Allright, now I have procured these. I risked the neck of my 1st ed 2nd printing book and scanned the sheets. i now have TIFF and PDF files of Magus, Grog, Companion, Grimoire and Covenant sheets in a neatly zipped file. PM if you want them.

Hi Mark

So are you going to play a 1st edition Ars Magica game?

Keith Gell

Hello Keith.

We've played it already actually. There's a write-up of the experience in the next issue of Sub Rosa. I'm trying to find space for the actual scenario that we ran too (as we have some fantastic artwork by Angela Taylor to go with it) but the issue is already way over the page count we were aiming for.

We're doing a series playing each edition in turn so I'm looking to run second edition as soon as I've cleared away some other commitments.



2nd edition looks really good.

I have a couple of copies if you need to borrow some.


We have the first edition core book, there are the character's sheet for a magus and for a companion. I could send it to you if you want

Thanks very much. But I think we're all done actually. Ultraviolet (see above) has given me a set of character sheets that I'll host on the Sub Rosa website somewhere.

But for those who have a copy of First Edition just to round out their collection I'm hoping that the article will provide a little more insight and perhaps even tempt players into giving it a go as a break for the norm (but come back to Fifth - Legends of Hermes is out soon and that's going to be brilliant).