[Mad Scientist University] duplicate cards

I took my new copy to game night tonight and people had fun, but they were unhappy with getting duplicate Insane assignments. Was that intentional, or did I get a miss mixed version?

Hi there. Nope, there aren't supposed to be duplicates ... maybe you got two of the same deck? Please see our contact form under Missing/Damaged Game Parts: atlas-games.com/contactform.php?mode=missing

Sorry for the trouble.

I don't think it was merely a duplicate deck. For one thing, I looked at the bottom of the decks before I opened them, they were different from each other. For another, of the 169 cards, only 54 are duplicates. That is close to a third, but not quite.

1 deck = 54 cards. It sounds like you have a duplicate. Please see the game's card list at atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG1310.php , then use the contact form I mentioned before to request a replacement deck. Sorry for the trouble.