Mad Scientist University: Virtual Campus

This is a test of the game Mad Scientist University. This is only a test. If this were the real game, you would be seeing colors. (and pictures, and you'd also be hanging out with friends in real life rather than killing time on the web...)

Welcome to Mad Scientist University online. We are currently accepting student submissions. Rather than a personal essay, please describe your best mad science idea. This will help us evaluate whether you would be a useful appendage to the student body.

  • Actually, it's open enrollment, I'm not going to stop anyone from jumping in mid-way, but it would be fun to see what sort of ideas people have.

The system is very simple. I will put out projects, comprised of an insane assignment and a number of unstable elements. You write in within the specified time limit (usually a week), describing how you would use one or more of the elements to accomplish your assignment. I declare which of these ideas is best, close the post, and open a new post with a new project.

As our new class of students at Mad Scientist University shows its chops, I might appoint other department heads or other dignitaries to help judge, create new subjects, and otherwise organize the chaos. Or I might just be taking names for the shadow network/the redcoats/the order of odin/c'thulhu.

Soo... yeah. Give us your brains!

Zachary Anderson
Dean of Mad Scientist University