Maga: Csilla of Tremere

[size=150]Csilla of Tremere[/size]
Pater : Janus of Tremere
Role: Assessor

Age : 25 (Born 1183 A.D)
Size : -1
Gender : Female
Confidence : 1(3)
Characteristics : Int+2, Pe 0, Str -1, Sta +1, Pre 0, Com +5, Dex -1, Qui -1.

Virtues : The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Magical Focus (Cartamen), Gentle Gift, Affinity Intellego, Affinity Mentem, Free Study, Greater Communication X2, Good Teacher, Personal Vis Source (Mentem)

Flaws: Rigid Magic, Ambitious (become an archmaga, major), Wrathful (minor), True Love (Gaines of Tremere, minor), Small Frame, Weird Magic

Personality Trait : Organized +3, Secretive +2, Precise +1

Abilities :
Area Lore: Hungary (regiones) 1
Artes Liberales (ceremonial magic) 1
Athletics (running) 1
Awareness (searching) 2
Brawl (dodging) 1
Carouse (sexuality) 1
Concentration (spells) 1
Charm (reputation) 3
Folken (magi) 2
Guile (elaborate lie) 1
Intrigue (gathering info) 2
Language: Magyar (Hungarian) 5
Language: Latin (writing) 4
Language: Low German (Hidding Accent) 3
Magic Lore (regiones) 1
Magic Theory (inventing spells) 3
Organization Lore: House Tremere (secrets) 1
Parma Magica (Mentem) 1
Penetration (Mentem) 1
Survival (Forest) 1
Teaching (one-on-one) 1

Magical Arts:Cr 0, In 10 (2), Mu 5, Pe 1, Re 4, An 2, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 5, He 0, Ig 0, Im 0, Me 9, Te 0, Vi 7

Wizard's Sigil: A species of the target appear briefly.

Silent Questionning (InMe25) +20 -- D:Conc variant of Posing the the Silent Question (ArM5 p.149)
Thought Within Babble (InMe25) +20
Call to Slumber (ReMe 10) +14
Piercing the Magic Veil (InVi 20) +18
Piercing the Faerie Veil (InVi 20) +18
Eyes of the Cat (MuCo5, An) +8
Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo 15, Me) +16

Personal possessions: Tremere black robe, Tremere pin, warm leather boots, dagger, a satchel, 5 children (2y, 3years twins,5years Twins)

Personal Vis Source: The Wrathful guard is a small, intricately wrought silver coffer, with a lid that is inlaid with mother of pearl and carved in the shape of a Owl. This box collects stray thoughts of nearby people and can capture excessive emotions, at the same time calming and expunging them. A relic from a distant past, kept in House Tremere's vast stores of magical items, this chest helped Csilla gain control of her emotions from her earliest times of her apprenticeship. After accumulating enough emotions, the coffer creates a small silver coin stamped with the face a long-dead man. Each coin is worth 1 pawn of Mentem vis. This usually happens 3 times per year. The item is officially registered to her name as a permanent loan from the House. Upon her death, it will revert to House Tremere.


Saison 1: Learning Low German 15xp
Saison 2: Learning Low German 15xp

Csilla of Tremere is the illegitimate granddaughter of Janus of Tremere, a little-known but highly placed member of the House.

Her mother Lissia was the librarian of the where the filius of Janus, Lucius of Tremere, conceived her during a very intense 'research'. Lissia died soon after childbirth, apparently going mad within a few hours and smashing her own head against the wall while Csilla was crying nearby.

Lucius was embarrassed by this incident -- the death of a valuable covenant -- but also because this child was proof of his infidelity to his House-santioned wife, Anastasia of Tremere. It also spurred Lucius to test the infant for the Gift, since the circumstances of Lissia's death stood out. Anastasia of Tremere was unable to accept the affront of the flagrant infidelity, nor the fact that Csilla was the Gifted child that Lucius had always craved, so she left for Novgorod.

As soon as he could, Lucius sent word to Janus about Csilla and the problem. At first, Janus told him to solve his own problem. But when he discovered how the girls had caused her mother's screaming death, he tooked an interest in her, for perhaps she could be of some use. Learning that she was Gifted, he put plans into motion.

Csilla was brought to Coeris, where Janus arranged for her care. He fostered her into a community of magic-blooded human he knew, to be raised until she will became old enough to become an apprentice. At age 10, just before beginning her apprenticeship, her foster family gave her a magical box to help her control her sometimes raging emotions. The box is a non-hermetic device that captures the strong emotions of Csilla and turn them into little coins. That way she would remain calm when needed. Only much later did she learn that the box came from the vast stores of magical items owned by House Tremere.

When Janus came back to see Csilla and take her back to become his apprentice, he saw the box and feigned the realization that this was a vis source. He let her retain it, explaining that since it helped her control her wrath it performed a useful function in protecting the grogs against her sometimes irrational actions. He did, however, collect the vis for himself until she passed her Gauntlet. When she did, he revelaed the actual source of the item and registered it to Csilla's name, so that none would take it from her.

During the education, he realized that Csilla was amazingly good at communicating and that she loved books as well as teaching other apprentices. As she grew up, Csilla's talents seemed well-suited to the interrogation of prisoners and mundanes who had betrayed Coeris. Her training was adjusted to improve those capabilities.

Soon after her 17th birthday, she met another apprentice named Gaines. He was a bit older, visiting from a nearby oppida (Lycaneon) with his pater, Clement of Tremere. Csilla and Gaines immedialty fell in love. This was accepted by the House, and even encouraged, even though this interfered somewhat with their studies. Particularly when she became pregnant with her first set of twins. But with the help of wet nurses and nannies provided by the House, both of them were able to meet their obligations. They now have five children (Janus and Cement the 7-year old twin boys, Daria and Sonia the 5-year old twin girls, and Marcus the 2-year old boy). They would like to have a few more before Gaines is forced to begin his longevity ritual.

Gaines shares Csilla's ambitious streak. Like his pater Clement, he was trained as a magical spy. But unlike his pater, he is more interested in the Order of Odin than arabic sorcerers.

When her 15 years of learning were completed, Csilla swore her oath to a very proud and old Janus. She gave him her sigil as a sign of respect and waited for him to assign her a mission like he usually did. He explained to her that he himself had been raised in the Rhineland and that she will be sent there as an assessor for the future of the House.