Magi Characters

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Name: Rhodri Birth Name: Rhodri Ap Buthvanen House: Bonisagus Age: 22 Size: 0 Confidence: 1/3
Decrepitude: Warping: Gender: Male Nationality: English Height: 5’7” Weight: 155
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Handedness: Right Religion: Christian Title: Magus
Parens: Maximianus Covenant of Origin: Nigrasaxa
Voting Sigil: Carpenter’s Right Triangle inscribed with Runes

Intelligence: Genius +5
Perception: 0
Strength: Strong Grip +1
Stamina: Enduring +1
Presence: Annoying -1
Communication: Clear Writer +1
Dexterity: 0
Quickness: Deliberate -1

Artes Liberales: Geometry 1
Awareness: Technical Details 2
Craft (Carpentry): Houses 2
Craft (Smithing): Tools 2
Finesse: Crafting things 5+2
Folk Ken: Laborers 2
Language (English): Technical Terms 5
Language (Latin): Technical Terms 4
Magic Theory: Inventing Spells 3+2
Parma Magica: Mentem 1
Survival: Hills 2
Intrigue: Stonehenge 1

The Gift: Free
Magus in Order of Hermes, Social: Free
Puissant Magic Theory: Bonisagus: Free
Flawless Magic: Major
Great Characteristic x2, Intelligence: Minor
Puissant Finesse: Minor
Affinity with Finesse: Minor
Inventive Genius: Minor
Puissant Creo: Minor
Puissant Rego: Minor

Deficient Technique: Perdo: Major
Driven: Break Hermetic limit on creation without Vis: Major
Deleterious Circumstances: Outside of Magic Aura: Minor
Covenant Upbringing: Minor
Busybody: Minor
Incompatible Arts: Creo Imaginem: Minor

Arts: (Magic Sigil: The smell of sawdust)
Cr 5+2 An 5 Ig 0
In 0 Aq 0 Im 0
Mu 0 Au 0 Me 0
Pe 0 Co 5 Te 5
Re 5+2 He 5 Vi 4

The Mystical Carpenter (Covenants pg 51) ReHe 25 R: T D: M T: G Mastery 1 (Precise Casting Societates pg 34) Total: 14 (Sta 1 + Re 7 + He 5 + Mastery 1)
The Phantom Blacksmith (Covenants pg 51) ReTe 20 R: T D: M T: G Mastery 1 (Precise Casting) Total: 14 (Sta 1 + Re 7 + Te 5 + Mastery 1)
The Spell of Wrought Iron (Covenants pg 51) ReTe 15 R: T D: M T: G Mastery 1 (Precise Casting) Total: 14 (Sta 1 + Re 7 + Te 5 + Mastery 1)
Summoning the Creeping Death (Societates pg 34) CrAn (Re) 25 R: T D: D T: I Mastery 1 (Penetration) Total: 14 (Sta 1 + Cr 7 + An 5 + Mastery 1)
Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch (Ritual) CrCo 20 R: T D: M T: I Mastery 1 (Penetration) Total: 15 (Sta 1 + Cr 7 + Co 5 + Mastery 1 + Artes Liberales 1)
Bind Wound CrCo 10 R: T D: S T: I Mastery 1 (Penetration) Total: 14 (Sta 1 + Cr 7 + Co 5 + Mastery 1)
Conjure the Sturdy Vine CrHe 5 R: V D: S T: I Mastery 1 (Multiple Casting) Total: 14 (Sta 1 + Cr 7 + Co 5 + Mastery 1)

A young man, in good health and robust physique, he nevertheless seems to have a bit of a shifty look to him, like he’s trying to figure things out about you. He dresses as a well paid craftsman and artisan, often wearing an apron with tools in the belt and pockets.

Rhodri is the son of Buthvanen, the master craftsman at the Covenant of Nigrasaxa in the Stonehenge Tribunal. The aging master Maximianus of Bonisagus found the boy’s potential at an early age, when carpentry and smithing projects seemed to be getting fixed over night by elves. Maximianus suspected otherwise and found the boy working with tools and tasks that should have been beyond such a young boy. Maximianus was able to teach the boy Hermetic Magic, but not save the boy’s inherent craftsmanship that he expressed seemingly as a supernatural skill. Not surprisingly his aptitudes still leant towards magical craftsmanship. Rhodri has become obsessed with breaking the Hermetic Limit of creation without Vis. He is quite adept at assembling things using Rego, but his goal is to permanently pull things whole from the Realm of Forms. His master has tried to dissuade him from this hopeless task, but he secretly is proud of such an ambitious goal.

Rhodri is a fine example of a Bonisagi’s obsession. He will make a fine Magus of the House, but he must remember to make the proper and timely contributions in order to garner accord. In the meanwhile he frequently drives his Covenmates crazy with his annoying energy and constant meddling.

Reputation Timid +0, 3 XP

XP Spent 5 on Intrigue spent on 3/4

Name: Siobhan ex Guernicus Birth Name: Siobhan Ni Brian ex Tremere
House: Guernicus Age: 23 Size: 0 Confidence: 1/5
Decrepitude: Warping: Gender: Female Nationality: Irish Height: 5’3” Weight: 117
Hair: Auburn Eyes: Green Handedness: Left Religion: Christian Title: Magus
Parens: Brian ex Tremere/Isabal ex Guernicus

Voting Sigil: Oak Tree with two limbs holding scales.

Intelligence: Genius +3
Perception: Perceptive +1
Strength: Petite -1
Stamina: Hearty +1
Presence: 0
Communication: Eloquent +2
Dexterity: 0
Quickness: Slow Reactions -2

Gaelic 5 (interrogations)
Latin 4 (hermetic usage)
Artes Liberales 1 (cermonial magic)
Awareness 1 (determining effect)
Brawl 1 (Dodge)
Chirurgy 1 (binding wounds)
Code of Hermes 2 (political intrigue)
Erin Lore 1 (politics)
Folk Ken 3 (magi),
Guile 1 (fast talk)
Intrigue 2 (alliances)
Magic Theory 4 (Intellego)
Order of Hermes Lore 2 (politics)
Penetration 1 (Intellego)
Parma Magica 1 (Mentem)
Teaching 1 (Latin)

The Gift: Free
Magus in Order of Hermes, Social: Free
Hermetic Prestige (Queasitor, Free)
Book Learner (Book Quality: +3, Minor),
Educated (General Minor 50/50)
Good Teacher (general, minor)
Minor Magical Focus (Certamen, hermetic, minor)
Piercing Gaze (Intimidation: +3, General Minor)
Puissant Intellego (Hermetic, Minor)
Puissant Rego (Hermetic, Minor)
Secondary Insight (Hermetic, Major)

Difficult Spontaneous Magic (Minor, Hermetic)
Covenant Upbringing (Minor, general)
Mentor (Isabel ex Guernicus, Major Story)
Necessary Condition (Singing, Major Hermetic)
Optimistic (minor, Personality)
Unpredictable Magic (Minor, Hermetic)

Dodge: Init: -2, Attack --, Defense +0, Damage --
Fist: Init: -2, Attack +1, Defense -1, Damage -1
Kick: Init: -3, Attack +1, Defense -2, Damage +2

Hermetic: Queasitor (in Order of Hermes) +3
Hermetic: Meddler (Stonehenge) +1
Hermetic: Traditionalist 0 (stonehenge, 3 xp)

Soak: +1

Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)

Equipment: Grimoire, lab texts, Dress, copy of the Code of Hermes and peripheral code (core rulings).

Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Arts: (Magic Sigil: The smell of lilacs)
Cr 4
In 7+3
Mu 2
Pe 5
Re 7+3

An 4
Aq 2
Au 3
Co 5
He 2
Ig 1
Im 5
Me 5
Te 2
Vi 5

Image of the Beast (InAn 5) +15
Cloak of the Duck's Feathers (ReAq 5) +13
Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm 10) +8
Invisibility of the Standing Wizard (PeIm 15) +11
Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie (InMe 20) +16
The Call to Slumber (ReMe 10) +16
The Whole from the Part (InCo 20) +16
Bitter Taste of Betrayal (InVi 15) +16
Circle of Clarity (PeVi 20) +11. Dispells any spells in the circle of level 35+stress die (No Botch)

A small woman with rich auburn hair and green eyes. She dresses conservatively, much like any peasant, preferring warmth to fashion and appearance.

Siobhan is the example of tribunal justice in action. Brian ex Tremere was a lecherous sot which wasn't a problem by hermetic justice and he did relish the children from his mistresses until he went on longevity as he assumed that they would be a good source of apprentices eventually. Siobhan was the gifted one and at at the age of 8 when her gift was ready, he opened her arts as his apprentice. Because she was raised as the daughter of a mage, she learned latin and about the order almost as soon as she could speak. She was highly educated.

Unfortunately for him, he felt that scrying shouldn't apply to him and regularly tried to scry to find secrets of other mages. When he was caught (seven years into Siobhan's apprenticeship), he had enough influence to avoid a march but he lost a queen of vis, his familiar and his apprentice. The presiding queasitor was the one that received the apprentice with admonishment that she was to be taught respect for the code.

Siobhan's apprentice continued with drilling in the code to go with her training in the arts and assisting in the lab. She is now newly guantleted.

XP Spent 5 on Intrigue spent on Autumn 1220
XP Spent 5 on Intrigue Spent: Winter 1220

Name: Bjorn Birth Name: Bjorn Skjoldurson House: Verditius Age: 23 Size: 0 Confidence: 1/3
Decrepitude: Warping: Gender: Male Nationality: Icelandic Height: 5'9' Weight: 165
Hair: White flecked with grey Eyes: Blue Handedness: Right Religion: Christian Title: Magus
Parens: Degenhard Covenant of Origin: Flusswindung (Riverbend), in the Rhine
Voting Sigil: A carpenter's mallet crossed with a woodworker's chisel

Intelligence: Inventive +4
Perception: Observant +1
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Presence: Charming +1
Communication: Brusque -1
Dexterity: Handy +2
Quickness: Premeditating -2

Animal Handling: Horses 1(5)
Artes Liberales: Geometry 1(5)
Athletics: Running 1(5)
Awareness: Alertness 1(5)
Brawl: Dodge 1(5)
Craft (Woodworking): Carving 3+2(30)
Finesse: Targeting 2(15)
Folk Ken: Peasants 2(15)
Guile: Fast Talker 1(5)
Language (Latin): Hermetic Usage 4(50)
Language (Norse): Storytelling 5
Magic Lore: Objects 2(15)
Magic Theory: Enchanting Items 4+2(50)
Order of Hermes Lore: Legends 1(5)
Parma Magica: Auram 1(6)
Penetration: Auram 1(5)
Ride: Horses 2(15)
Survival: Lowlands 2(15)
Verditius Cult Lore: Initiating Others 1(5)

The Gift: Free
Magus in Order of Hermes, Social: Free
Verditius Magic: Verditius: Free
Gentle Gift: Major
Affinity with Vim: Minor
Great Intelligence: Minor
Imbued with Spirit of Vim: Minor
Minor Magical Focus: Wood: Minor
Puissant Magic Theory: Minor
Puissant Craft: Woodworking: Minor
Skilled Parens: Minor

Driven: Win the Verditius Contest: Major
Hermetic Patron #1: Minor
Hermetic Patron #2: Minor
Hermetic Patron #3: Minor
Monstrous Blood: Animal Fur: Minor
Nocturnal: Minor
Warped Senses: Sensitive to Heat: Minor
Weird Magic: Minor

Arts: (Magic Sigil: The feel of soft fur)
Cr 6 (21)
In 0
Mu 0
Pe 3 (6)
Re 8 (37)
An 0
Aq 0
Au 5 (15)
Co 0
He 5 (15)
Ig 2 (3)
Im 0
Me 0
Te 0
Vi 11 (44)

Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu15, R: Voi, D: Conc, T: Ind, Total: 11 (Cr 6 + Au 5)
Chilling Magus (Bjorn's Grigmoire) PeIg5, R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind, Total: 5 (Pe 3 + Ig 2)
Cloak of the Duck's Feathers ReAq5, R: Tou, D: Sun, T: Ind, Total: 8 (Re 8 )
Heat of the Searing Forge CrIg10, R: Voi, D: Mom, T: Ind, Total: 8 (Cr 6 + Ig 2)
Invisible Sling of Vilano (Societies pg.38 ) ReTe10, R: Tou, D: Mom, T: Ind, Total: 8 (Re 8 )
Jupiter's Resounding Blow CrAu10, R: Voi, D: Mom, T: Ind, Total: 11 (Cr 6 + Au 5)
Sight of the Hidden Vis (Bjorn's Grigmoire) InVi10, R: Per, D: Conc, T: Vision, Total: 11 (Vi 11)
Stench of Twenty Corpses CrAu10, R: Voi, D: Dia, T: Ind, Total: 11 (Cr 6 + Au 5)
Tangle of Wood and Thorns ReHe15, R: Voi, D: Conc, T: Ind, Total: 13 (Re 8 + He 5)
Transfer the Essence of Vis (Bjorn's Grigmoire) ReVi20, R: Voi, D: Mom, T: Ind, Total: 19 (Re 8 + Vi 11)
Trap of the Entwining Vines CrHe15, R: Voi, D: Sun, T: Group, Total: 11 (Cr 6 + He 5)
The Unseen Porter ReTe10, R: Voi, D: Conc, T: Ind, Total: 8 (Re 8 )
Whispering Winds InAu15, R: Sight, D: Conc, T: Ind, Total: 5 (Au 5)

At first glance, Bjorn appears to be a young man who has gone prematurely white, but on closer inspection one can see flecks of grey interspersed with the white and an unusual fur-like thickness. His hair is kept short, and comes down along his jawline in thick, furry sideburns, both tapering off to a point on the sides of his chin. The fur also continues down the back of his neck, and if caught without his shirt on, it can be seen spreading out to cover his back, chest and down his arms, tapering off to normal skin once again on his palms and fingers.

His ice blue eyes always seem to have a glint of amusement in them, his mouth a hint of a smile. He wears simple clothing, reminiscent of his Norse heritage, boots and woolens trimmed in fur. A leather strap runs across his chest, like a bandolier, and holds a bunch of wooden sticks about a handwidth long and fingerwidth thick. Each stick is intricately carved in relief with mystical runes and magical creatures to aid him in casting his formulaic spells.

Bjorn was born in Iceland, where he was raised on his father's horsefarm until he stumbled into a magical regio at a young age. Not knowing how to return home, Bjorn wandered around for years, surviving as best he could until he was found by three traveling magi from the League of Gastronomers. Feeling in high spirits from having just taken part in a magnificent feast, they agreed to take the lost child with them, vowing to see that he would recieve the best education possible.

Upon returning to the mundane world and the Stonehenge Tribunal, the three amici began searching for a suitable and willing instructor for Bjorn. Unfortunately, none of the three were in a position to teach him, having already taken on one apprentice, too busy with other commitments, or knowingly not a good teacher. After much debate, a letter was sent off to Degenhard Ex Verditius, who happened to be a common aquaintence between the three, and well known for his highly trained apprentices.

Degenhard, who was looking for a new pupil at the time, eagerly accepted Bjorn as his new apprentice. Bjorn was escorted to a covenant in the Rhine, where for the next fifteen years he learned woodcraft and magic. The three amici kept in close contact with their protege throughout his apprenticeship, offering support when they could, and forging lasting bonds of friendship.

When Bjorn passed his gauntlet, his friends convinced him to move to Stonehenge so they could stay in closer contact. The two that reside in Stonehenge offered to put in a good word for him at tribunal, smoothing the way for Bjorn into his new covenant.


Chilling Magus PeIg5
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual
This spell keeps the caster cool all day, about as cold as a winter's day in western europe.
Base 3, +2 Sun

Sight of the Hidden Vis InVi10
R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Vision
When cast, any vis present within range will appear to glow to the caster. This spell does not give any more specific information about the vis, such as type, amount or alignment.
Base 1, +1 Conc, +4 Vision

Transfer the Essence of Vis ReVi20
R: Voice D: Momentary T: Individual
This spell moves vis that is within range of this spell, siphoning it out of whatever container it was in, and transfers it to an object that you hold in your hand. Objects can hold an amount of vis as indicated in the Material and Size Chart on p. 97 of ArM5. This spell will only transfer the amount of vis up till filling the object, the remainder stays where it was at.
Base 10, +2 Voice



Fall 5: Order of Hermes Lore 5
Winter 2: Parma Magica 1, Rego 1

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Acacius Ex Miscellanea

Int +4 Per +1 Pre 0 Com +2
Str -1 Sta 0 Dex +1 Qui 0

Age: 27

Confidence: 1/8

Hemetic magus, The gift, Mythic herbalism, Root cutter, Great Intelligence, Good teacher, Skilled parens, Affinity with Corpus, Puissant corpus, Cyclic magic positive (spring & summer), Improved characteristics, Minor magical focus healing, Hermetic numerology, Baccalaureus


Deficient technique Perdo, Soft-hearted, Driven (major), Cyclic magic negative (autumn & winter), Magic addiction, Susceptibly to Infernal power, Cabal legacy The mystic fraternity of Samos.


Artes liberates/4/ Ceremonial magic
Charm/1/ Debate
Chirurgy/1/Surgical intervention
Code of hermes/1/ Stonehenge tribunal
Concentration/1/ Spells
Craft: Drawing/2/Plants and herbs
Finesse/1/ Craft magic
Folk ken/2/ Magi
Guile/2/ Fast excuses
Latin/4 (5) / Writing
Magic theory/3/ Creo
Mystic fraternity of Samos Lore/3/Modifying scripts
Mythic herbalism/3/healing wounds
Order of Hermes lore /1/Stonehenge tribunal
Parma magica/1/ Corpus
Pentration/1/ Corpus
Philosophiae/3/ Ceremonial magic
Profession: Apotechary/2/Finding ingredients
Speak Saxon/5/Apotecharys vocabulary
Teaching/1/Single student

Cr 4 (2) In 4 Mu 4 Pe 0 Re 4
An 0 Au 4 Aq 0 Co 11+3 He 4
Ig 0 Im 0 Me 0 Te 3 Vi 4

Spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus (Te+Fo+Sta) / Page reference / Mastery / Mastery skill
Air's ghostly form / CrAu / 5 / +8 / ArM5 p. 130
Bind wound / CrCo / 10 / +22 / ArM5 p. 129
Eyes of the treacherous terrain / InTe / 15 / +7 / ArM5 p. 153
Intuition of the forest / InHe / 10 / +8 / ArM5 p. 136
Maintaining the demanding spell / ReVi / 15 / +8 / ArM5 p. 162
Opening the intangible tunnel / ReVi / 15 / +8 / ArM5 p. 162
Restoration of the defiled body / CrCo / 25 / +22 / ArM5 p. 129
Revealed flaws of the mortal flesh / InCo / 10 / +18 / ArM5 p. 130
The wizard's leap / ReCo / 15 / +8 / HoH:S p. 36
Trap of the Entwining wine / CrHe / 15 / +8 / ArM5 p. 135 / 1 / Fast cast
Wind at the back / ReAu / 5 / +8 / ArM5 p. 128
Wizards sidestep / ReIm / 10 / +4 / ArM5 p. 147

Wizardly robes that marks Acacius position within the Mystic fraternity.

A slender man with red hair and beard, his appearance is rather unassuming so if it where not for his noticeable clothing.


Acacius grew up in Oxford and where given the name Tatwine at his birth. His father where an Apothecary and as soon as he could help out young Tatwine where at his father side and aided him in the store or the garden. Tatwine enjoyed both working with the plants as well as meeting the ones who visited the shop. His father where a most loving father and raised young Tatwine well and thought him to respect life in all forms and to always strive to make the world a better place.

At the age of nine young Tatwine’s gift begun to manifest and thus he began to spend more time in the garden rather than the shop. Loving as his father where he realised that the young lad scared the costumers off.

Then came the day that the Apothecary where visited by a strange man who asked for an even more strange plant. The stranger where shown the garden with the apothecary’s herbs and meet young Tatwine. The encounter where short but the stranger looked at Tatwine for a little to long, sensing his gift. The stranger then asked to speak with Tatwine’s father about a few things and they went back into the shop.

That night after the stranger visited Tatwine’s father told him that he had been given an offer to take on the young lad as his apprentice. Tatwine’s father told him about the strange gift that he had in his blood and how he must use it to make the world a better place.

Tatwine started his apprenticeship at his master Ireneus Ex Miscellanea and where introduced to the line of the Pharmacopoeians. His apprenticeship where filled with rigours academic studies and trials of his moral fibre. His apprenticeship where extended with the tribunals allowance to encompass time for his Baccalaureus degree.

At a later stage in his apprenticeship Acacius, as his new name where, where introduced into the Mystic fraternity. He where informed of his masters intention to establish the mystery cult in the Stonehenge tribunal. Acacius are meant to be a vital instrument in establishment of the cult especially as his master must leave the tribunal a short time after Acacius gauntlet.

Spell sigil
A smell of fresh cut grass.

Personality traits
Faithful +1
Devoted to the confraternitys cause +3
Soft hearted +3
Driven +3

Gentle Healing Wizard 1 (Local Mundane Reputation)

Size 0
Refinement 0
General Quality +2
Upkeep +3
Safety -1
Warping +1
Health +1
Aesthetics +1

Virtues and flaws: Flawless Equipment, Flawless Tools, Spotless, Hidden Defect

Specializations: Items 2, Vis Estraction 2, Creo 1, Vim 1

Winter 1222 5xp mastery of Entrapping Vines, 2xp Creo, local Mundane Reputation of Gentle Healing Wizard at 1.

Gwendolyn is the half-sister of Siobhan. Brian, their father, sired many children, and Gwendolyn was sold to another Tremere in Cornwall, at birth, as she had an auspicious mark on her body maybe heralding a grand future...but at least enough for her to be avaluable commodity.
Gwendolyn's master, Robher, was kinder than most Tremere, yet he still scolded her every wrong step along the way to become a maga. She grew to resent her future, until she started learning about the Diedne. Robher told her the stories of their betrayal, but since she did not trust him, she started reading on her own, and cross-referenced stories and written accounts. She spoke with an ex Miscellanea, who held a different view on the Diedné (Not pro-Diedné, but simply more núanced), giving Gwendolyn much to think about.
During a Tribunal, Gwendolyn saw Siobhan for the first time, and through other apprentices heard how she had been traded away. Devastated (Thinking Robher was her maternal uncle), she confronted him, and he reluctantly told her. He forbade her any contact with Brian or Siobhan. She obeyed, but her heart was broken, and her mind set: She would leave House Tremere, when she was Gauntleted, and find out the truth about the Diedné. Maybe her sister would als be interested in meeting her?
After the Gauntlet, Gwendolyn quietly contacted the Quaesitors and a representative of House ex Miscellanea and made the transfer. Getting her sigil in hand, and signing the legal documents, the Quaesitor had the compassion to warn her to stay extremely discreet the next couple of years, though guaranteeing her that Robher could not directly move against her.
Now Gwendolyn has come to the Covenant and is waiting to meet the Magi...

Name: Gwendolyn ex Miscellanea, formerly Gwendolyn ex Tremere Birth Name: Gwendolyn Poeriz House: ex Miscellanea Age: 20 Size: 0 Confidence: 1/3
Decrepitude: Warping: Gender: Female Nationality: Cornish Height: 5,4” Weight: 100
Hair: Honey Eyes: Green Handedness: Right Religion: Christian/Pagan (She is in a transformative period) Title: Maga
Parens: Robher ex Tremere Covenant of Origin: Wandering
Voting Sigil: Head of a dragon over an Oak
Sigil: Time moves slightly slower around Gwendolyn

Int +2 Age 20
Per +1
Sta 0
Str 0

Pre +2
Com +2
Qui +2
Dex 0


The Gift: Free
Magus in Order of Hermes, Social: Free
Minor Magical Focus (Certamen) Free
Greater Immunity (Fire), Free

Affinity with Imaginem, minor
Affinity with Ignem, minor (Gwendolyn does not yet know she has this)
Affinity with Mystery Cult Lore (Not yet part of one or created one)
Free Study, minor
Improved Characteristc x2
Inoffensive to Animals, minor
Personal Vis Source: Intellego, minor
Skilled (but hated) Parens, minor
Unaging, minor

Deficient Technique: Perdo, Major
Driven: Find out the truth about House Diedne, Major
Restriction: Naked, Major, free
Enemies, Robher ex Tremere, minor
Incompatible Arts: MuAn & PeHe, minor
Susceptibility of Infernal Power, minor
Visions, minor

Artes Liberales: Logic 2 (Latin and Ogham script)
Charm: Men 2
Code of Hermes: House Diedné 1
Concentration: Maintaining spells 1
Magic Lore: Arthurian Legends 1
Magic Theory: Imaginem 3
Order of Hermes Lore: Diedne Magi 1
Parma Magica: Mentem 1
Profession: Scribe (Copying) 1
Speak Cornish: Bartering 5
Speak Latin: Hermetic 4
Stonehenge Tribunal Lore: Cornwall 3

Soak: +0

Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)

Equipment: Green travelling robe, plain Maga robe, traveler's kir (Bedroll, drinking cup etc), dagger, a ring with an amber (Gift from her mother as a baby)

Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Creo 4
Intellego 4
Muto 4
Perdo 4
Rego 4

Animal 2
Aquam 3
Auram 6
Corpus 6
Herbam 3
Imaginem 10 [1]
Mentem 3
Terram 6
Vim 3


Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAu10
Ward Against Faeries of the Air ReAu10

Intuition ofthe Forest InHe10

A Day Saved for the Future InIm(Cr)5
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm10
Awaken the Painted Image InIm(Mu) 5
Disguise of the Transformed Image MuIm15
Image Phantom MuIm20
Prying Eyes InIm5
Shards of the Broken Mirror CrIm 20
Veil of Invisibility PeIm20

Eyes of the Eons InTe10

Scales of the Magical Weight InVi5
Sense the Nature of Vis InVi5

A beautiful young lass with a slender body, hair the colour of honey and a warm smile. She has beautiful hands and a slight tan.

New spells:

A Day Saved for the Future.
[Base 1, +2 Sun +1 complexity +1Creo]
InIm 5 (Creo)
R:Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual
The caster creates a sphere swirling around him which shows a past event (length of event to be determined by Storyguide) experienced up to 24 hours ago.
The caster can rewind or forward them at his leisure to focus on certain specific moments, but can not glean information that he never experienced.
Memories re-generated by this spell will fade at a normal rate.

Awaken the Painted Image.
InIm(Mu) 5
R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual
A painting becomes animate and tells a short story to those present. One can see and hear the picture as the artist felt it and expressed it. A master painter's work can tell an in-depth story but a child's scribble may just express a single word. The spell does not look back in time but rather it keenly interprets the painted image.
(B: 2, R: Touch +1, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual +0, +1 Muto)

Shards of the Broken Mirror CrIm 15
[Base 3, felt, heard, seen; +2 Voice, +1 complexity – spell adapts to the clothes/Armour of the target,
+1 Diameter Duration, target individual]
With this spell a number of glass shards are created to be seen, heard (as when glass pieces hits each other) and
felt (When they hit the target).
When they streak out towards a target they hit him and bring the same tactile pain, as if he had been impaled by
a number of 3-5 inch glass shards.
The illusion also cuts the clothes and seemingly draws blood (Which does not smell or taste of blood,
though the target is often too busy concentrating on the pain to notice this).
For the duration, every round the target has to roll a Bravery diff.9 to do anything but try to close his wounds. The spell also leaves the target confused and he
must roll against Int diff. 9 to seek this help from others.

Edit 8.sep: Deleted Wizard's Sidestep ReIm10 (Had 10 levels too much of spells)
Edit. 11.sep: changed virtue from affinity with parma to affinity with Mystery cult lore and changed Shards of the broken mirror.

Name: Alexander ex Bonisagus Birth Name: Andrew Brown House: Bonisagus Age: 25 Size: 0 Confidence: 1/3
Decrepitude: Warping: Gender: Male Nationality: English Height: 5” 10” Weight: 150 lb
Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Brown Handedness: Right Religion: Christian Title: Magus
Parens: Justinian/ Damocles Covenant of Origin:
Voting Sigil: Broken Pentacle of Solomon

Intelligence: +2
Perception: +1
Strength: -2
Stamina: +2
Presence: +1
Communication: 0
Dexterity: -1
Quickness: +2

English 5
Area Lore: Geography 1
Athletics: Running 2
Brawl: Punching 2
Folk Ken : townsfolk 1
Awareness: Alertness 2
Guile: Lying to Authority 2
Swim: Diving 1
Stealth: Hide 2
Animal Handling: Horses 1
Ride 1
Legerdemain: Picking pockets 1
Concentration : Spell concentration 2
Latin: Hermetic Usage 4
Parma Magica: Auram 1
Finesse: Auram 3
Penetration: Creo 3
Magic Theory: Inventing Spells 3+2
Magic Lore: Creatures 2
Infernal Lore: Demons 2
Faerie Lore: Unseelie Court 2
Dominion Lore: Angels 1
Artes Liberales: Ceremonial Magic 1
Second Sight: Regiones 1

The Gift: Free
Magus in Order of Hermes, Social: Free
Puissant Magic Theory: Bonisagus: Free
Flawless Magic: Major
Arcane Lore
Cyclic Magic: Positive (Fall and Winter)
Fast Caster
Skilled Parens
Mastered Spells
Cautious Sorcerer
Second Sight

Diabolic Past: Major
Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Demon): Major
Infamous Master
Mentor (Quaesitor)
Susceptibility to Divine Power

Arts: (Magic Sigil: The smell of brimstone)
Cr 10
In 6
Mu 5
Pe 3
Re 5

An 2
Aq 1
Au 5
Co 5
He 1
Ig 5
Im 1
Me 1
Te 1
Vi 5

Circling Winds of Protection (Cr(Re)Au 20) +13, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20) +20, Mastery 3 (magic resistance, penetration, multiple casting)
Charge of the Angry Winds (CrAu 15) +18, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
Bind Wound (CrCo 10) +18, Mastery 1 (still casting)
The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch (CrCo 20) +19, Mastery 1 (still casting)
Trap of the Entwining Vines (CrHe 15) +14, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
Palm of Flame (CrIg 5) +18, Mastery 1 (quiet casting)
Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15) +10, Mastery 2 (fast casting, quiet)
Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10) +10, Mastery 2 (fast casting, still casting)
The Inexorable Search (InCo 20) +14, Mastery 1 (penetration)

A dark young man, with a sullen look, and a thin, frail frame. His eyes are bulging, with dark shadows under them. He speaks seldom, and seems hesitant in the ways of the Covenant.

Andrew Brown was born to a poor family in a small English hamlet. He spent his youth working as a stablehand in the local lord's stable, where his father worked as farrier. Petty theft and mischief also occupied his time.

Born with the Second Sight, Andrew's talent was recognized by Justinian, a Bonisagus wizard, who took the boy as his apprentice. Unfortunately, Justinian was secretly a diabolist: a renegade Magus seeking greater power by Goetian magic.

Justinian kept his true motives secret, and instead trained Andrew, now taking the Hermetic name of Alexander, in accepted Hermetic lore and magics, seeking to develop the boy's power to fashion him into a proper sacrifice for the dark powers he served.

When the boy was deemed ready, Justinian bound him and began a dark ritual to offer the child's soul to the demon Xaphian. The ritual was interrupted by a band of Quaesitors, who had discovered Justinian's apostasy, and managed to disrupt the ritual, rescue the child, and thwarted the diabolist's plans.

Alexander was brought before the Tribunal, and his case was judged. The boy was found redeemable, and free of corruption. His care and custody was given to Damocles, the Quaesitor who led the attack on Justinian's stronghold.

Alexander completed his apprenticeship under Damocles, and successfully completed the Gauntlet under his mentor's watchful eye.

Though he is free of Justinian's influence, Alexander is driven by a lust for power similar to his old master's. He is not a diabolist, and does not wish to be, but he craves greater power and mastery over magic.

And unbeknownst to all, Alexander is still haunted by the demon Xaphian, who appears to him in dreams and visions, offering great power, in exchange for his soul.

Having completed his Gauntlet successfully, Alexander has been steered in the direction of the newly formed Covenant. Perhaps his parens wishes him to grow in power in the company of other young magi like himself, or perhaps, he merely wishes the young man to be under the watchful eye of Siobhan ex Guernicus...

Equipment: Traveling Dark Brown robe, light gray magus robe, knife, walking staff, bedroll, waterskin, a satchel, a journal, a vial of ink and a quill.

Reputation: 0

XP: 0

Last edit 9/8/09 Shuffled some points for arts, and changed a few spells. This version is much more versatile. This is most likely the final version of the character. Suggestions from other, more experienced players are welcomed. :mrgreen: