Magi of Hermes and Warehouse 23

I´m new posting here, but i´m an old fan of Ars Magica lines :stuck_out_tongue: . I am waiting for the book "magi of Hermes" to be out by Warehouse 23 to order it online (i don´t have a FLGS where i live :cry: ), and i would like to ask how much time i could wait for the product to go out, i´m impatient and everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much!

We seem to have a miscommunication issue with W23 -- specifically, me having an outdated contact e-mail in my distributor list for product updates. Long and short is that they haven't told us how many to send them, because I didn't actually tell them it was ready to send.

I'm working on sorting this out and getting them copies ASAP. Thanks for calling attention to it, though I should have noticed myself!

Hi again!

Sorry to bother you again, but i have another doubt; Since it was announced in Atlas Games main web page, i preordered it following the link, but 20 days after there are still no news from them, should i check with Warehouse 23 what could be happening, or is this time frame normal? I usually only have to wait for new releases a couple of weeks at the most, and i have waited at least double that time :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thank you very much in advance!