Magi of Hermes book announced

How comes this one is hardcover, even though Tales of Mythic Europe is softcover while having a higher page count?

Other than that: I hate the first post to be a negative one, but for me this one is a "meh" - I never had any use for pre-fab NPCs. I was afraid that the supplements might fail to gain my interest after the "core supplements" (Houses of Hermes, Realms of Power) were complete, and so far it seems I was right in that assumption. Still holding out for further tribunal books and a new nobility book, though. :wink:

My understanding is that the softcover book allowed for a larger page count.

In my opinion the spells and enchanted devices are a more enticing lure than the characters. People have been wanting a grimore book and this is 144 pages of apparently mostly spells and items.

Point taken.

One way or the other, I guess I'll wait to see the reviews.

Please, please, please don't write off Tales of Mythic Europe. I can't say anything about it, of course, but give it a go.

As for Magi of Hermes , I think a book of magi presented at various stages of their careers is actually a pretty useful resource. I agree with Erik that the items and effects might be the bigger draw (and more useful to individual members of the troupe) as it helps fill the grimoire slot, but I think there'll be some pretty inspiring characters and ideas in there that will benefit most sagas.

Yeah the spells and items will be what might make me decide to get it.
OTOH, several others id rather get first, so we will see.

I think its nice we finally get some "adventures" for the line. I realise its non-core, but there have been so many rules supplements since Calebais that its going to be interesting to see what we now get when we run games using the fully-fleshed set of rules. I think it'll be interesting, as a hobbyist group, for us to look at them and go "OK, so Calebais was revolutionary in that it demanded that room contents make sense, and your motive for dungeon crawling made sense. D&D4 has gone "back to the dungeon!" We instead have gone - well, here!" and to see what that means for us, and where we (as a fandom that has pretty unique relationship with the creative process of the things wqe are fans of) should push the envelope next.

It would be nice is instead of just "off the rack" NPC's we got maybe some new virtues & flaws, both normal and mystery. Also would really be nice to see a character who combined both a hedge tradition. Really though, I was disappointed reading the description of this book. From the name I was hoping more for a book focusing on magi in general, with information about how the magi interact with the world and each other, then for simple "here are twelve NPCs". Two anthology books in a year is a bit much.

I'm very much interested in the stories behind great magi.

I don't think anyone's mentioned yet, so i'll ask. Is this the result of the open call?
I've been looking forward to that for some time (no, i didn't submit anything, so not for my 15 minutes). Spells, items, sample npc's (and emergency pc's if a new member shows up), and a view into how other players create a mage.

As someone new to the system, a book of sample mage characters, new spells, and enchanted devices will greatly help in my acclimation to the game. It would be nice if a couple of hedge wizards were included as my players seem intrigued by them.

I think it has been confirmed that this is indeed the open call book.

Oh good, I'd hate to have to step around the issue by virtue of my NDA and say things like "It's got TEN authors what else is it going to be?"

Welcome to the system. I bought the Medieval Tapestry (a collection of mundane and magical characters) waaay back for fourth edition and I ended up getting more use out of it than I initially thought. Some of the characters even ended up as the basis for ghosts.

Mind you... I could be wrong, in which case I'm in trouble...

It's the open call book.

And I want to see Mark and Erik in my office after class.

If the next book has like, two handwritten pages which just say "I will not break the NDA, not even a little." over and over and over again?

That was this right here.


Well, I am interested, making campaigns otherwise is very much work or half a shot in the dark.

Not that it isn't, but if your characters don't follow your plan you'll have to make a lot of new characters at appropriate power levels

cover art is up.