Magi of Hermes doubt

Checking the animal shapes to Alexander of Jerbiton, I can't see the vulture stats... was this discussed before or some information?

See the ToC for Between Sand and Sea for a hint on where to find Vulture stats.... for some odd reason there's a duplication of the animal names in the appendix.


Thanks, I forgot. It's happen to be strange when any other shape than that Character can take is on his chapter, except for thw vulture. I think that there are one vulture stats on some Sub Rosa Magazine number.

Yeah, I thought that was odd - I can't remember why but Timothy may comment (he wrote the vulture Bjornaer in SoI as well as the Alexander piece which I based some of the info on).

Sub Rosa #9 has some mundane beasts that i wrote but I'm not able to access my files so I can't remember if he culture was one of them - I wrote most of the beasts for Myhtic Africa.

Ok, it's strange since the vulture is very referenced like shape to many beings, and their cousins the bearded vulture is called the Falconry animal appropiatte to the magi, it should be usefull to see some stats at last!

That's pretty much why I did it, yes.
(See my blog for some other basic animals as required)

And vultures are pretty interesting...

Ultimately it would be good to expand the Book of Mundane Beasts with additional free online material so that starting Sagas had access to the various basic animal shapes esp for Bjornaer characters and familiars as it then lowers the barriers to adopting such concepts in play.

There's a great sidebar in Mythic Locations detailing all sorts of fish as variants of a basic template which is great - adopting something like that would be very useful I suspect.

Ok, thanks!

I am thinking to do it too. I did the donkey (like part to one Enchated item) and some others.

I did it pretty harder than you... but i think than Simple Minded or Humble are maybe better than Non-Combatant. Here on Spain the donkeys have more one sturdy or relentsly Reputation. The bruttish is fine of course. Mine were more related to the little ass from Spain that is like one pony in size.

But your desing si better so I will use it to mine.

I'll add your variant to my blog section and link to your creations when I get a chance!

Thanks Mario

I will put it here, I rewrited with your jajajaja. Luckyly, I have one copy (here):
Burro común
Características: Astucia -2, Percepción 0, Presencia -4, Comunicación +1, Fuerza +5, Vitalidad +4, Rapidez -1, Destreza 0
Tamaño: +1
Virtudes y Defectos: Atributos Mejorados x3, Constitución Resistente, Reservas de Fuerza, Vigoroso; Humilde, Simplón
Cualidades: Domesticado, Resistente, Incansable, Pelo duro, Combatiente defensivo
Rasgos de Personalidad: Leal a quien le conjura +2, Simplón +3, Humilde +3
Esquiva: Iniciativa -1, Ataque n/a, Defensa +4, Daño n/a
Coz: Iniciativa +1, Ataque +6, Defensa +5, Daño +6
Aguante: +5 (+4 para daño que se salte Protección)
Niveles de Fatiga: OK, 0/0, -1/-1, -3/-3, -5/-5, Inconsciente
Penaltis por Heridas: -1 (1-6), -3 (7-12), -5 (13-18), Incapacitado (19-24), Muerto (25+)
Habilidades: Atención 3 (Depredadores), Atletismo 5 (Correr), Pelea 4 (Esquivar), Supervivencia 5 (estepa),
Armas Naturales: Pezuñas: Iniciativa +2, Ataque +2, Defensa +2, Daño +1
Apariencia: Un animal semejante a un caballo realmente pequeño, con grandes orejas. Este es gris pero están en varios colores.
Son a la vez trabajadores, humildes y simples. Algunos son animales sociales y fieles a su grupo o viven, son más agresivos o son buenos escondiéndose (altera sus Cualidades y Virtudes de manera apropiada). Exigen menos comida o agua que los caballos así que son apropiados para el trabajo de los campesinos o como montura de los menos ricos.

Which with the magic of Google Translate becomes:

Common Burro (Ass / Donkey)
Features: Cunning -2 , Perception 0 , -4 Presence , Communication +1 , +5 Strength , Vitality +4, -1 Speed ​​, Dexterity 0
Size : +1
Virtues and Flaws : Features Enhanced x3, resistant Constitution Force Reserves , Vigorous ; Humble , Simplón
Qualities : Domesticated , Resilient, tireless , hard hair , defensive fighter
Personality Traits : Loyal who would plot +2, +3 Simplon , Humble +3
Dodge : -1 Initiative , Attack n / a , Defense +4, Damage n / a
Coz Initiative +1 , +6 Attack , Defense +5 , +6 Damage
Stamina : +5 (+4 to damage skip Protection )
Fatigue levels : OK , 0/0 , -1 / -1 , -3 / -3, -5 / -5 Unconscious
Penalties for Wounds: -1 (1-6 ) , -3 (7-12 ) , -5 (13-18 ) , Disabled ( 19-24) , Dead ( 25+ )
Skills: Care 3 ( Predators ) , Athletics 5 ( Running ) , Brawl 4 (Dodge ) , Survival 5 ( steppe ) ,
Natural Weapons: Hooves: Initiative +2, +2 Attack , Defense +2, +1 Damage
Appearance : A similar animal to a really small horse with big ears. This is gray but are in various colors.
They are both working , humble and simple. Some are social and faithful to their group or live animals are more aggressive and are good hiding (alters its qualities and virtues appropriately) . Require less food or water the horses so they are appropriate for the work of farmers or mount the less wealthy .

More or less, yes hahaha.

I was thinking about to make Elephant variants specially to those presents on Hanibal's army.

I begun to write down on one text all mundane beasts that I did and I will on just one Bestiary, I will traslate some of yours if you don't mind. Did you did one Lynx? I did one.

Google Translate is an awesome tool, but sometimes inadequate for "technical" terms like those found in RPGs. So I hope you don't mind that I translated the donkey again, trying to get the proper Virtue/Flaws english terms, etc:

[size=150]Common donkey[/size]

Characteristics: Cun -2, Per 0, Str +5, Sta +4, Pre -4, Com +1, Dex 0, Qik -1
Size: +1
Virtues and Flaws: Improved Characteristics x3, Enduring Constitution, Reserves of Strength, Tough; Humble, Simple-Minded
Qualities: Domesticated, Hardy, Tireless, Thick Fur, Defensive Fighter
Personality Traits: Loyal to owner +2, Simple-Minded +3, Humble +3
Dodge: Ini -1, Att n/a, Def +4, Dam n/a
Kick: Ini +1, Att +6, Def +5, Dam +6
Soak: +5 (+4 for damage that bypasses Protection)
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1/-1, -3/-3, -5/-5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-6), -3 (7-12), -5 (13-18), Incapacitated (19-24), Dead (25+)
Abilities: Athletics 5 (Running), Awareness 3 (Predators), Brawl 4 (Dodge), Survival 5 (Steppe)
Natural Weapons: Hoof: Ini +2, Att +2, Def +2, Dam +1
Appearance: An animal similar to a really small horse, with big ears. This particular one is grey, but there are other colors. They are both hard-working, humble and simple-minded. Some are social animals, deeply loyal to their group or living place. Some are more aggressive, or are good at hiding (change their Qualities and Virtues as needed). They require less food or water than horses so they are more appropriate for agricultural work, or as mounts for the less wealthy.

On a personal note, I must say I don't really understand the "Loyal to summoner" Personality Trait. Maybe you meant to say "Loyal to owner"?

Edit: Edited to change "Loyal to summoner" into "Loyal to owner", as instructed by MarioJPC.
Edit 2: Changed Int to Cun, as noted by callen.

Sorry, yes or Meek will fit it. This donkey I wrote it to one Muto Terram (Animal) Lesser enchantment than trasform one figurine on one donkey, so the summoner is the user for the enchantment object.

Thanks for the clarification. I changed the Personality Trait "Loyal to summoner" into "Loyal to owner", as you mentioned.

Yirkash, it should be Cun -2, not Int -2.

True, callen. And that was my mistake, too. Mario correctly used Cunning instead of Intelligence. Fixed now, thanks for noticing.