[Magi of Hermes] Table of Contents up.


Looks like it will be very interesting! I can't wait!


Looks pretty cool to me. I'm especially interested in seeing the new spells and spell guidelines. Those give me so many ideas as a player and storyguide.

If it's still pre-printing, should "of Ex Miscellanea" be changed to "Ex Miscellanea"? Or am I misunderstanding the Latin?


I'm looking forward to it a great deal as well (and I've read the drafts).

What I really like about the book is...

Ok what's cool is....

Well one thing...

STUPID NDA :angry:

Ah, yeah, and do you remember the... Oop, nearly had me at it then!

Wow, this looks loke a really cool book. Any idea about when it's being published?

After it gets sent to the printer Atlas typically gets it back to send to distributors in about a month and a half. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that we'll see it in mid September.

This looks really interesting.

I notice there's no Trianomae, Mercere, Guernicus or Tremere magi (odd since they are the True Lineages). Also no Bjornaer and only 1 Ex Misc.

Sounds like there's some room for a Volume 2... (or at least a few follow-up Sub Rosa articles)



We're nearly in September already and I'm looking forward to seeing Magi of Hermes. Does anyone have any information about where this book is? Is it currently churning off the printer? Is it in the back of the truck on its way to the warehouse? Is it still on a Michelle's hard drive, having slipped out of sight behind the final draft of Spring Break?

I'll take any info I can get. Even false information as long as it's creative.

It's at press and expected some time in September


Thanks Erik. So probably October for us in the UK, allowing for shipping.

For my anniversary, perhaps? :smiley:

I asked the question again over on the Atlas-Games home page. John Nephew replied:

"Magi of Hermes arrived in the warehouse today. We'll begin shipping next week -- we weren't quite ready for it, with a number of other things going on, so I have to give distributors time to put their orders together."

So it looks like it came in early, which means ("other things" permitting) that this book should indeed be in our eager mits during September.

Good news!


I am really looking forward to this as an idea generator for players, and as a quick and dirty "instant wizard" book that I can use if my players decide to go chase down someone in the Tribunal i did not expect.

A new Longevity breakthrough, that looks so yummy. :smiley:

Or maybe the return of the one where you sacrifice efficiency in exchange for youthful looks.

Possibly. But I'm not persuaded that such a zero-sum variant to the standard longevity ritual even warrants the status of a Minor Breakthrough, as opposed to vanilla lab research. And IIRC it was already mentioned as a vanilla ritual variant back in GotF. Now, a longevity ritual that preserves youthful looks without lowering effectiveness, that would be a worthwhile mInor Breakthrough ! :smiley:

Or perhaps that discovery mentioned in Wizard's Grimoire back then of a longevity ritual that allows fertility during equinoxes and solstices.

What makes you think there's a longevity ritual?

So... Magi of Hermes, eh? Probably hear a little more about shipping soon.

I was just going to ask if anyone has this yet. Anyone?

Matt Ryan