Magi writeups from official products: Link

EDITED 5/14/16: The final 5th edition Expanded Magi of Hermes is complete.
Link here: ... XdWWjBGT3c

In the spirit of those who have collected all the Material/Form benefits, all the new spells, and so on, I have made a table listing all the Hermetic magi who have complete writeups, in all official published products.

There are currently [strike]60[/strike] 110 such magi. [strike]A quarter[/strike] 15 of them are, of course, in Magi of Hermes. [strike]About another quarter[/strike] 13 are in the AM5 rules: Darius of Flambeau and twelve example characters. (EDIT: THROUGH THE AEGIS contributed 29, the largest single share.) The remainder are scattered all over.

I did this for my own benefit, because making NPCs in Ars takes a lot of time, especially if you want custom spells or lab projects. With [strike]sixty[/strike] 110 NPCs, you can find someone from the right House, or of about the right age, and most of your work is done. Move some Arts around, swap out a Major virtue for another, rename him, and no one will know or care. You could fully staff [strike]half a dozen covenants[/strike] an entire Tribunal just using these magi, renamed and with very minor changes.

I have added occasional notes on the table, mostly to reflect Magical Foci, rare Virtues, and other facts which might make a particular writeup more or less useful.

The table is posted to Google Drive. If you can't access, please let me know and I'll troubleshoot.

Good initiative.

Link does not work for me: 403 Forbidden :frowning:

Amazing initiative!!! :smiley:

Like Christian, the link does not seem to work for me either.

I can not see it either. Regardless of getting this particular link working, If you'd put it in a pdf and send it to Atlas I'm sure that they'd host on this site. Which is probably the most likely spot for someone who doesn't know about it to go looking for this sort of thing.

Project: Redcap would be more than happy to host it as well.

OK, I apologize again to everyone for the link not working. Google Drive does not yet play nice with my iPad. I had to get to the desktop to get the right link.

I have posted it up for public sharing. I thought this would be better than a PDF, since I could edit it on Drive whenever a new book comes out, and would not need to worry about sending an updated PDF to anyone.

Fixed in the original post, and here it is again:

Would it be possible to grap that and throw it straight into Project: Redcap, or would that have to be done by hand?
Just if anyone knows?

You should be able to download it from Drive. But if you can't, I can put it on Redcap myself.

The "Expanded Magi of Hermes" has been updated to include the magus writeup found in "The Contested Isle: The Hibernian Tribunal."

This brings us to an even 60 magi with complete write-ups in AM5.

Sorry for necroing the thread, but I was looking for exactly this ressource and thus take this opportunity to thank Doctorcomics for collecting this table.
(btw, this should be pinned somewhere methinks...)

edit : and while I was at it, I updated the sheet with the writeups from Hooks, Transforming Mythic Europe and the Bonisagus apprentice from Apprentices : ... sp=sharing

It's missing Dama from Faith & Flame, too.


Thanks Ben. I've added her and Rebecca to the list. ... sp=sharing

That reminds me, I believe there's a Tytalus in there, too, but he was Jarkman's and I don't remember if his block made the final manuscript (if not, I'll see if we can't put him in Sub Rosa, there's at least one more going in there).

Do you want magi in Sub Rosa added to this list?

As a new player who is always looking for different magi across the books...I vote yes.

There are lots of magi in Through the Aegis. Do you plan to add them?

If you don't have the book or just can't be bothered to search through it, I'd be willing to do that for you.

What'd be nice would be to add this to the wiki.

I have completed the "Expanded Magi of Hermes."

This should be a complete list of all magi (and apprentices, but not Redcaps) with complete write-ups in all 5th edition products. I have gone through and tried to add some notes wherever possible, focusing on factions, Good Teachers and Flawless Casters (whose Mastery makes them producers of casting tablets and Mastery texts), and Magical Foci.

This is a PDF document. ... XdWWjBGT3c

Some random notes:

  • There are 110 magi and apprentices in the document, 5 of which are apprentices, and only 1 of which is House Mercere. Subtracting those leaves 104 magi of 11 Houses, for an average of 9.5 magi/House.
  • Ex Miscellanea (14+2 apprentices) and Merinita (14) are best represented; without counting Mercere, Bjornaer and Guernicus are both least represented with 6 magi each. Before DIES IRAE, Criamon had only 3 magi on the list, so they were saved by the bell.
  • The list is about the same size as the average magus population of a single Tribunal.
  • Without counting apprentices or the characters in MAGI OF HERMES (who are of variable age), the average age on this list is 60.
  • The youngest Gauntleted magus on this list is Aurulentes of Jerbiton, age 20. There is a tie for oldest: Dama and Bartholomew, both Merinita, are both 193, a coincidence so strange I thought I must have made an error.
  • There are 6 Good Teachers on this list, four of whom are Ex Misc. The other two are Julia of Tremere and Conchobar of Merinita.
  • There are 3 Julias (Ex Misc, Merinita, Tremere), 2 Alexanders (Jerbiton, Ex Misc), and 2 magae named Beatriz (Criamon, Jerbiton).

I am delighted to note that this list has now been added to the Atlas Games main Ars Magica page: