Magi you have never played

I just discovered a new musical instrument. Nice :slight_smile:

Marko is spelled with a "K" :slight_smile:
There is no letter "C" in the Greek alphabet.
And really, my name is just Mark, I like calling myself Marko Markoko because I am silly and it amuses me :smiley:

But anyways, similar to Xavi, I have always played Flambeau magi somewhere inbetween the old version and new version. Or rather, my interpretation and honestginal impression of the old version is halfway between what others pecieve in the oldversion and the heroic/knightly version.
Did I ever mention I am a comic book junkie?
Rugged Individualism has been my approach for all of my Flambeau magi, and my approach to the House as a whole was a group of eclectic individuals united only by a few common philosophies (martial prowess, heroism, responsability, and maybe a bit of egotism).
I do like House Tytalus, and my favorite non-Flambeau PC was a Danish Jerbiton magus. As SG, I think I have created/played every house as an NPC magus, and I cannot say that there are any that I don't like.
Except the Diedne. They got what they had coming to them, dirty baby eating pagans.
Don't flame me! I am just being smarmy! :smiley:
I imagine a future Order of Hermes, reconstituted in the Reniasence after the Black Death and Second Schism, where the descendants of Diedne survivors are accepted as the 21st House.

Yes, the "C" was a mistake but I refer to you as Marko so others would know you. I am not sure who knows you as Mark and who doesn't :smiley:

Nice to see you about, no matter how feverish and insane you must be to side with those fascists against the Diedne. Oppressor! hahahah

Not for me. I am not a huge fan of playing tragic characters. I don't mind other people playing them - they just aren't for me. I'll happily read stories or watch movies or plays with tragic characters, I just don't like to play 'em.

Character concepts that I never got around to running...

Necromancer, with mistaken identity flaw (Good Twin rather than evil twin). Goal : Become the most well known necromancer in ME.
Holy Mage, all effects on area effect. Side Effect : grant Divine Aura. Goal : spread the Word to the Order.
Flambeau Mentem specialist, major restrictions on ignem and perdo. Goal : invent a variant of glamour, so that people who think they are on fire suffer wounds.
Tytalus, unaging child. Goal : go through apprenticeship with every house to learn all house secrets.
Criamon roulette, botch magnet. Goal : Twilight for everyone.
Bjornaer Heron, in a covenant full of Bjornaer Herons. Group Goal : mess with the order by getting into as much grief as possible and getting bailed out by house.
Author, COM-5. Driving Goal : write best book in the entire order.
Tremere battlefield leader, aversion to pain and blood.
Jerbiton schoolteacher. Goal : Gently brainwash the students to tolerate the Gifted. School Field Trip to Arcadia!
Verditius Mystagogue bent on creating an initiation script for every virtue in the world.

Concepts that I have run and enjoyed...
Benz, Tytalus Animal creation specialist attempting to make a dragon.
Janus, 4th Ed Bonisagus, Boundary and Vim specialist.
Nomen Pepercisti Insontes, Guernican Q, Defence Q and inventor of legal insurance.
Smith Wesson (aka Colt of Winchester), Verditius, telekinetic armourer.
True Merenita, enchanted wood carving, Herbam specialist.


A magus I tried creating but never got to play: Polyoppeties of Tytalus. He had Quadrophenia. That is, he had the Persona Virtue, but the Delusions Flaw meant that whatever form he/she was in, he/she believed that was the original and the others were disguises. And Major Malediction, each Persona had it's own Major Personality Flaw.

I created a dark fairie ex misc magus focused on fear. He had ~10+roll intimidation without magic and focus in Fear.
Playing via forum posts wasn't my style but I would like to play this character at the table in the future.

I don't care the houses I used to play Jerbitons because they are not limited in any way.

That would be a entertaining character, especially if the personalities were often benevolent to the other personas and yet dismissive of them. :slight_smile:

Janus, the Tytalus concept is very nice... the combination of being childlike and the goal of infiltrating every house is fascinating. I am going to guess you were to have the child endlessly apply for apprenticeship? The fun could be endless....

Birbin... I never would have pegged you for a Jerbiton player. I would have thought Bjornaer, Tremere, or ex Misc.... not sure why but wowzer. What kind of Jerbiton? Artist concepts or more esoteric Jerbiton magi?

Hehe, I build my characters on virtues and flaws. My main Jerbiton was build on ability raising rituals and this house was good for him because there is a philosophic concept about the world of ideas and I thougth an ideal man should have high abilities.

If I would play a lightning specialist it would be probably a Jerbiton, too. :slight_smile:
Maybe a Verditius because if I remember well they have some cool abilities.

I'm playing a Tremere in my new saga for the first time; I feel that they win the 'most improved' award from 4e to 5e.

My favorites remain Merinita and Verditius.

The only two Houses I could never see myself attempting as a PC would be Criamon and Tytalus Criamon because I don't think I'd be able to do them justice: Either the weirdos from 4e or the enlightened ones from 5e. Tytalus just because I don't like the concept: They thrive on conflict, essentially picking fights and being annoying. It's not something I'd be able to play.
I think I hear my friends laughing in disbelief at that last statement...

Never managed to play the game, though I've been SGing it since around 92... :frowning: But I've toyed around some concepts by way of NPCs, though always trying not to play them too much. I've always hated it when an SG uses an NPC as a surrogate PC, so I try never to do that myself.

One of the concepts I played with was quite similar to that. An Imaginem Flambeau with Ignem defficiency and a good supply of Greek Fire, trying very hard to illusion his way into making people think he could cast fireballs. Was a major clutz as well, a humorous minor character that became a troupe favorite to love-to-hate.

I am amazed at how many people dislike playing the Tytalus as a PC. For me the Tytalus are always my first choice in any story. I make it a point not to play the same type of character in back to back stories, but if I could I would never play anything but a Tytalus.

IMO they are the best written house, the most complicated house in that they dont function anything like a House unless someone else is trying to bully in on a Tytalus, and the characters that arise from the House are either the greatest villain, the greatest hero, the greatest jerk, the greatest idealist, ect and ect. but note the theme, they are the greatest at something.

They are not all simply scheming bullies or pointless chaos vectors of annoying plots, they each have a purpose and a view of the world around them, and then intend to shape, cut-away, burn, torture, explode, and devastatingly demolish, with a hint of prejudice the rest of the world to fit their scheme.

No other House can claim what the Tytalus can. When people describe the Tremere they often say, "and Tytalus are their opposite, focusing on the rule of one for the benefit of one." When people describe the Criamon, they often say, "and the Tytalus are the opposite focusing on the outside world." When...Flambeau, "Tytalus are opposite because they dont play with honor, or fair, they attack from the side."

On and on... the Tytalus seems to be contrarians of everything and everyone, and that makes them the anvil upon which the Order is shaped and preened and given its strength, its drive, and often its direction. One Tytalus magus is worth any five Flambeau, any four Bonisagus, any three Tremere, any two Criamon, and maybe, just maybe be on par with another Tytalus. But in the end the Order needs the Tytalus because at the end of the day, without them the Order would have given in to infighting and disagreement and strife. The Tytalus absorb and gives the entire order a focus for their internal bigotry and hatred... the Tytalus says to the Order, "Come on don't dislike your neighbor, look at how much of a asshole I am! Come on, give me your best shot, hate me!"

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I have to say upon rereading that... it all sounds insane. :smiley:

Reading the comments, I got under the impression that the old "tytalus-as-jerks" idea is still alive and well. This could explain that.

Glad you came to your senses. Because all it takes to triumph against this mega multi-magus equivcationated Tytalus is one Roberto of Flambeau
Roberto beat the sun in a staring contest.
Roberto can kill your imaginary friends.
Roberto counted to infinity. Twice.
Once, a viper bit Roberto in the leg. After three days of horrible pain, the viper died.
Roberto can sail a ship over a hurricane.
Roberto can drown a fish.
Roberto can pick an orange from an apple tree and make the best lemonade you ever tasted.
Roberto can punch a cyclops between the eyes.
Reculed Seneca took the name Flambeau so he could be more like Roberto.
Bonisagus formed the Order of Hermes so that Roberto would teach him how to cast spells.
Roberto bleeds fire and eats razor blades. Unless he wants to show off.
Roberto can punch you in the back of your face.
One time while shadowboxing, he knocked his shadow out cold. His shadow is now afraid to come near him.
Roberto doesn't lie, he changes the facts of reality.
When Roberto's back is up against the wall, the wall retreats.
Roberto doesn't cheat death, he wins fair and square.
Roberto can torch you so severely that your flames will catch fire.
The only time Roberto was ever wrong was when he thought he made a mistake.
Roberto doesn't need to read books, he can stare them down until they give him the information he wants
Roberto once multicast Pilium of Fire, killed twelve people, then finished casting the spell.
Roberto has a bear rug in his sanctum. The bear isnt dead, it is just afraid to move.
Roberto can protect his own Parma Magica.
Roberto doesn't resist magic, it avoids him.
Genies ask Robero for Wishes.
Roberto built Rome. In a day.
Roberto is allowed to talk about Fight Club.
The Pope goes to Roberto for confession.
Orion admired Roberto's belt.
When Roberto wants an egg, he cracks open a chicken.
Roberto can sneeze with his eye's open.
Roberto can kill two stones with one bird.
When Roberto cuts onions, the onions cry.

What I particularly like about Tytalus is that they're the ones hammering away at everything that's not working in the Order, instead of the usual sweeping-under-the-rug kind of approach.

I've currently only actually played magi from the houses: Ex Miscellanea, Jerbiton (extraordinarily briefly), Mecere,Tytalus and Verditius. Though as a SG I obviously get the chance to work with a bit of everything.

I wouldn't say I'm entirely adverse to House Merinita (as I find the concept of a True Merinita absolutely fascinating, albeit, that particular set of Mysteries aren't limited to the Merinita alone). But I have very much the same stance as the 5e Jerbiton when it comes to the Faerie: it's nice and all, but it's only an ephemeral substitute for the real thing.

It's the reason I have the Mecere entry above, as I decided to try and figure out something interesting to do with the Elementalist Virtue: Que Anicetus ex Mecere, the not so grim lavamancer (he was Hollywood Insane). A mutantum magus so intuitively attuned to his magic that many of his personally invented spells were entirely contingent upon his particular skill set (Boosted Magic + Imbued with the Spirit of Terram), when asked to write out some spells for his covenant, he proceeded to hand over a number of spells lacking range, despite the fact that he had clearly displayed the exact effect of said spell a few seasons before. When queried about this discrepancy, he responded with "but it works perfectly", much to the confusion of everyone else.

Personally, one of my favorite houses is Tytalus, as I identify with their philosophy quite a lot, in 5e at the very least, as one of the more important facets of it is the struggle against one's self, as opposed to necessarily one against an external source.

I played a Bjornaer a little in 3rd ed. In 5th ed, I played a Merinita originally, but virtually all my playing experience in 5th ed has been as Ex Miscellanea.

For me, the Tytalus in 5th are sort of redundant. Either they take the Calliclean line, and are out to oppose things and find people to go out and oppose, or they take the Hippian approach and look to master themselves and instead put themselves in situations where they will be tested. In short, their goal in life is to act like player characters in role-playing games. Think about it: either you have a goal and set out to achieve it, regardless of who will oppose you, or you play a more reactive character and instead its about the SG putting situations your way and you rising to the challenge and dealing with them. Because your Hermetic Magus will be a PC in a game of Ars Magica, they will fall into one of these two camps naturally whichever house you're in, but being a Tytalus just forces you to choose one over the other.

I like the mystery houses the best, and think 5th ed has done wonderful things with them.

A bit over simplified there darkwing, but true all magi have the interests that makes it possible to members of the Tytalus house, it's just that most of you don't have what it takes to accomplish membership. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
But I do have a Tytalus character who's side hobby is to initiate magi of other houses into the Tytalus, eventually trying to convince the other magus that they are Tytalus at heart.

Case in point, Marko's character Roberto of Flambeau. He started out a boring shoot everything with fire Flambeau, and we turned him into a great Tytalus. So great he didn't even need to be called a Tytalus, and he still did so many great things! :smiling_imp:

Exactly :slight_smile:

No, he was awesome to begin with, the fire came second.
Tytalus himself joined the Order because he was afraid of Roberto.
Roberto does not create light, he dispells the dark.
Roberto can play you at checkers and checkmate you in three moves.
Roberto doesn't beat a Tytalus at the Tytalus' own game. He ignores that game and forces the Tytalus to play Roberto's game. And wins.
Roberto's bare hand can beat a Royal Flush.