Magic Addiction & Multiple Casting

So, we have a Flambeau magus with Magic Addiction who does lots of multiple casting. How would you handle this? We have a couple ideas, but I'd like to hear suggestions before I mention ours so as not to affect the suggestions.

Thanks! Happy holidays!


I never liked the "same level or superior" bit of addiction. We ruled that it must be bigger, or be a spont with fatigue expenditure.

If you are using the superior or equal level, make him do the above (bigger spell or fatiguing spont) as his next spell if he fails the roll. If he casts a spell after suceeding, treat this as if he had failed the concentration roll: he is not really trying to control the energy rush!!

Food for thought :slight_smile:


So far, the mage in my game has never AFAIR been inconvenienced by this flaw. Something to make it a real problem is desirable. [He has never multi-casted I believe]