Magic Carpet

So, the covenant is trying to spend the last remaining 16 build points and they want to consider some magical items. One item that is being considered is a magic carpet. As best I can tell, carpets would be made out of Animal products, so" I went to the ReAn section, which gives "manipulate items made of animal products" as a L1 effect. So, if it is placed into a carpet, its range is personal, duration: concentration and target:individual. Then add +3 magnitudes for going fast, using the guideline for Aquam as a guide, changing extremely gentle manipulation to calm and forceful manipulation. Then add +5 to have the item maintain concentration and +10 for unlimited uses. That seems to be L20 effect.

Now, I have some idea that someplace it says that individual animal products are single strand of hair or single piece of leather, and thus I am wondering if it is supposed to be group rather than individual. However, the guideline does say "out of products" which would seem to mean that the entire rug counts under that guideline. I am currently traveling and only brought the main rulebook with me, does anyone remember something relevant?


Doublet of inpenetrable silk does not need the target group, why would your carpet?

I suppose this is to be a "Flying Carpet"?
Personally I think you should ad two magnitudes, for the added strength to carry a group of people (or whatever you put on top of it) ---as opposed to carry itself

Some other uses for carpets:

The carpet of hiding
Whatever is brushed under the carpet is reduced to two dimensions (MuTe...) Nobody looks for a treasure chest under the carpet somewhere on the second floor.

The (un)welcoming carpet
This carpet crushes anyone standing on it to death, unless a password was spoken before stepping onto it. (ReAn)

The "Be my guest" carpet
As the magus speaks the words "Be my guest", this carpet tightly wraps itself around the person standing on it, thus immobilizing the person. Pick up the carpet for easy transport of the prisoner...

there's a flying carpet in tC&tC. Should be possible to steal effect level and retro-engineer from there.