"Magic Feats" granted by Mythic Blood

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sorry if this has been explained before, but I am having troubles deciding exactly what a 'magic feat' is.

Is this essentially a spell with no casting cost, or is it a category of its own?

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Well, we have used it kind of like a spell that comes naturally to the character. For instance, my Flambeau had some sort of fire-related mythic blood so he had a "fire shield" magic feat. This was essentially a toned down Ward Flames spell (was that the name, I can't remember). As said, we have used it as an "extra" spell or somesuch.

I realize my ramblings sound silly, but......there you have it.


Effects that are fun for Mythic Blood:

  • Flight
  • See in darkness
  • Let there be light
  • Smell magic
  • Walk on water
  • Turn to land beast (Personnal)
  • Telepatic communitation
  • Taint with magic
  • A curse
  • Grow to size +5 (Personnal Diameter)
  • Endurance of the beserker
  • Invisibility
  • Strenght of 10 men
  • Understand all languages
  • Lesser illusions
  • Fear
  • Aura of authorithy (constant effect no pen & no warping since part of essential nature)
  • etc


While no one has taken Mythic Blood in our saga yet, I have designed a couple of NPCs with this Virtue. For lack of anything else, I simply designed a spell of the appropriate type and level guidelines. That seems to work fairly well. :slight_smile:

I am fond of Whispering Winds. Oh, wonderful gossip... :smiling_imp:

One that I thought would be good for a Bjoarnaer would be the ability to speak normally in animal form.

Our local Bjornar has the ability to teleport (seven league stride) by flapping his wings and hooting (sp - the sound an owl makes).