Magic Item for Debate

So in the last few sesions of my saga my magi had a number of grogs injured in very nasty ways, and to keep them up and running they cast Bind Wounds and Endurance of the Berserker on them. This got me to thinking about the ramifications of a Greater Magic Item that used these spells.

Material and Shape: A bone ring (+2 constant effect) with a piece of set amber (+3 Corpus) opened as a compound item for a total of 15 pawns of vis. 13 used for effects 2 left open.

Bind Wound (ArM 129) CrCo10
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind

Binds wounds and prevents them from geting worse through activity, however this prevents them from healing.

Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, Constant effect +4 = CrCo14

Endurance of the Berserker (ArM 134) ReCo 25
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind

Removes penalties from wounds and fatigue until target falls unconsouse (I don't know if the effect still ends if the target drops seeing as it is now sun insted of conc.)

Base 10, +1 touch, +2 sun, +4 Constant Effect = ReCo 29

Sence the Injured Warrior InCo 15
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind

Detects whether the target has been injured.

Base 4 (sence very general information about a target), +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +4 Constant Effect = InCo 19

Incantation of the Body Made Whole (ArM 129) CrCo 50

R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind

Heals all wounds that a person suffers. (This would be by far the hardest part of this item to enchant)

Base 35, +1 touch, +2 sun, +5 24 uses a day, +3 linked triger to sence the injured warrior = CrCo 58 (Since the level is all that makes it a ritual it is still able to be enchanted)

The resoning behide The final spell not being constant is it allows the warrior to fight reguardless of wounds and at the end of the day the other 2 effects take hold and keep the person alive and kicking.

-Makes a single warrior prety much unstopable from anything short of a killing blow.
-Makes for a great story about a warrior who can't be defeated for the magi to go investigate or chalange.

-High magnituded effects hard to reproduce.
-Lots and lots of warping.
-Might be unbalancing.
-Takeing off the ring could be fatal when the sun rises/sets if you have worn it for long enough. (Just imagin sudenly haveing 3 incapasitating wounds open along with lots and lot of light meduim and heavy wounds. You might not be dead but you would wish you were.)

So, yeah, tell me what you think about it, any flaws you might see, if it's way to overpowered, loopholes, ext.

The environmental trigger only works on really big environmental effects.. like the passings of the sun and moon, or possibly when you enter a regio etc.. big scale stuff.. and it's generally more related to the item.. so while I might allow it if it detected when the -item- was damaged, I'd not in this case.. what you want is a linked trigger InCo to detect the wounds.

Otherwise.. it's a fine combination, and other than the warping, which you noticed yourself would start to rack up quite considerably, it's a handy item for use in battle.

No, I wouldn't consider it unbalancing though, the warping is there to have a downside to things like this :slight_smile:

Oh, nothing stops you using the InCo effect to detect multiple things by the way.. another handy thing would be linking it to effects that cure disease, or poison etc, as well as possibly a spell to regrow lost limbs.. .. all of those would pretty much cover you for -anything- mundane ^^

Nothing to add.
I love it, though :smiley:

Hmm. Sun duration Body Made Whole.

After using this for some weeks/months/years, the warrior would have accumulated untold number of wounds. All of them opening momentarily at, say, dusk, until the magic detects his wounds and temporarily heals them again.

I like it. Thus he is vulnerable to a killing blow, momentarily, at said dusk. Very appropriate for the mythic feel.

Yes, something like "the bleeding warrior": He is seen to bleed and all, but never dies (or at least that's the legend) :smiley:

I agree, I was just trying to think of a triger and linking compleatly sliped my mind.

The idea is that when the sun sets the bind wounds effect picks up where incantation of the body made whole left off. As bind wounds looks it would seem that it closes the wound for a day (maybe making it look more like a scar?) Reguardles, if a warrior wore it for long enough and finaly removed it, the effects of bind wounds and endurance of the berserker would expired at dusk or dawn he may very well die on the spot, or wish he was dead. Though I do like the imagry of all the wounds opening for a spilt second at sunrise or sunset.

Well, for that split second he would have an accumulated minus four thousand wound penalty or so, regardless of bind wound... thus very vulnerable to a killing blow. That's what I meant.

In fact, this could very well kill him from the shock or sudden (and massive) loss of blood

I see a possible problem with the endurance of the beserkers part. All depends on how you view the spell working since it says "Consecutive castings delay the end of the spell - that is, put off the time when accumulate wounds take effect - but a body can only take a number of consecutive castings equal to its Size +2. Further castings have no effects" two different views are listed in this thread which i've added below.

As I understand it there actually is no laps in a constant effect, I forget which book brings it up, but for role-playing purposes it would make a quite spectacular scene.

Sorry, I can't seem to get the quote within a quote working. Regardless as I read EoB it essentially says as long as it operates you are under no wound or fatigue penalties, old or new. I could be assuming wrong but otherwise it isn't so much a berserker spell.

Now I had forgotten about the whole limit of size +2 casting, any ideas on how to work around that? Perhaps raising the magnitude by one or two? The only other way this spell would fail is through fatigue expiration, another good weakness for the players to figure out in the story.

Isn't Incantation Of The Body Made Whole a ritual spell?

yes but it can be cast as a non ritual for non-permanent healing. ie: when the duration ends the wounds return.

I guess that's another way to view it...guess it would depnds on your SG.

Main rule book (sp) page 98, top right hand corner of the right hand page. In the enchantment section of Lab activities

That's true. But your temporary healing isn't a constant effect. And bind wound doesn't ... oh, wait. Constant effect Endurance of the Berserkers, not only bind wound. smack forehead

In that case, it would actually only be a visual effect - all his wounds would be visible for a little while. But if you want an achilles heel to the item... bad side effect while enchanting?

(Achilles heel #2: Immobilize him and cut off his hand. Somehow.)