[Magic Item] Gift of Euronotus

I would just timidly point out that (ArM5, p.125) "Auram spells usually affect air as phenomena (winds, odors) rather than as gases (a modern concept)."


No need for timidity! You are completely right. That might make it weird to think about for some uses. But for this case, I think the following works:

You create a single fresh breeze (or group of breezes) that fills a region around you. Then add magnitudes for complexity and requisites and side-effects as needed.

(Speaking of side-effects, the spell guidelines for AM5 often make things more difficult rather than simpler, because their use is sometimes surprisingly cumbersome when trying to achieve effects we can easily describe and that ought to be straightforward.)

I don't think additional complexity is needed to move with the caster specifically. Circling Winds of Protection (Ars p126) does this in a manner powerful enough to push an armed soldier to the ground, and the overall complexity of "+2 unnatural" covers the special way the wind behaves, with a +1 Rego requisite to allow the caster to be unaffected. The spell should stay with the caster if cast as T:Ind. Also Muto isn't the right form, a Rego effect will do all the hard work pushing air in that unnatural way.

That said, a +2 complexity modifier for the unnatural state of the air is needed, and that should cover all the unnatural aspects. The volume of air isn't an issue.
IMO = (CrAu = base 1 to create a breeze, +2 very unnatural, +2 Sun, +1 Rego effect to move it in a specific way to repel water)


We very much disagree.

A stiff wind can push someone; this has been known to happen. But just because I say "hey, gimme a +4 for utterly unnatural" does not let me create a wind that can teach philosophy.

A lightning bolt (canonical +4 unnatural) that hits someone I aim for is still a lightning bolt even though it is acting in a way that is very, very, very unusual for a lightning bolt. But a wind that can support an ocean of water is an utterly magical medium. A "breeze" that can do this can hardly be called a breeze.

Of course, there is a certain appeal to using Auram for everything: I create a breeze (base 1) that has the statistics of a bear (+4 for unnatural). +2 for Sun. Oh, and +1 for Re, so the bear does what I want. I create a breeze (base 1) that destroys castle walls....



Ovarwa thank you for the sarcasm. Noted.

Sounds like an awesome idea for a familiar or other magical creature!


Oops, I forgot the other area of total disagreement:

A breeze cannot push that hard and still be a breeze. And even if it did push that hard, the water would still fall, because there are no instances in the medieval world where pushing air (rego) can support and move all that water, let alone do so without affecting anything else in the breeze. Rego is needed. So is Muto.




lol Oh yes! You might say that your daimonic professor is long-winded.

(OTOH, that Terram magus thinks his familiar rocks, and is pleased with his well-grounded education in the fundamentals of magic, unlike, say, that pretentious Animal magus in his ivory tower...)

Thanks all for your input.

I'll see if I go for two effects (one Rego Aquam and one Creo Auram) or one effect (Rego Aquam with Creo Auram requisites).

And as the thread is starting to deviate and the good spirit is beginning to evaporate, I'm going away.

Thanks again.


Sometimes I speak pointedly, but I did not intend to take a jab at you.

Please accept a public apology for any offense or discomfort I might have caused.



There is a story about the Red Sea medieval people might have heard of that might be relevant... :blush:

grin You know, as I was writing I was wondering whether someone would bring that up.

I can happily claim, on good Authority, that God included Muto.