magic items and auras. Am I correct?

Just checking on my ruling. Do auras affect the casting total of an enchanted item. Meaning, if I have a ring that casts Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20, Sun) and walk into a small village with a Dominion aura of 1, it would dispel it, right? The ring casts the spell at level 20, and suddenly the Dominion aura would cause it to cast at 19, therefore making it not work, right? However if the ring had been build with 1 level of penetration (adding +2 penetration), it would be fine, right?

Please set me straight if I am incorrect.


Incorrect on all counts, but that is a frequent mistake.

Walking into a foreign aura does not dispel an active magical effect.

Auras only affect the Penetration of the item. Items don't have casting totals, so they can activate regardless of the aura. This can give them negative penetration, but aside from not being able to affect a target that has Magic Resistance it has no impact on their powers.

Note that some sagas have house rules in place along the lines of your thinking, though.

Thanks, Arthur!