Magic items for November

I know I am late, so I'm not going to promise 30 magic items. I am playing a verditious at the moment, so thinking of items anyway. I am not 100% good at this so please comment if I am doing anything wrong.

The helpful laboratory (ReTe, level 30)

This item gives the mage control of all the solid items in the room. The magus can tell an item to perform one action, and it will continue to do so until told to stop. Items will stir themselves, or be held in place when commanded.

(base 3, +1 touch, +1 concentration, +2 room) +5 levels, item maintains concentration, +10, unlimited uses

((does touch range work if the item is touching the room, or does it need voice for all the things in the room?))

Chariot of Helios (ReTE level 30)

A chariot of bronze, which when given its command will move as instructed, including flying through the sky.

(base 3, +2 metal, +1 concentration, +1 size, +1 moves quickly) +5 item maintains concentration, +5 34 uses per day

The useful gap (PeMe level 30)

This item causes the person targetted to lose the last ten minutes of memory.

(base 10, +2 voice, +1 diameter) +5 levels, 24 uses a day

Adding Shape and Material bonuses may be interesting. Though they don't effect the final product, using thematically appropriate raw materials makes it easier to craft them in the first place. What are the items shaped like, and what are they made of?

Also, what type of item is The Useful Gap? Is the joke that we forgot what the item is after we were told?

Is it wrong I want it to be a black wand, which flashes red when you use it?

I'd say it works; R: Touch designates the current room, T: Room affects the whole room. That's how Prying Eyes works, also.

A few numbers points:

Which I assume is a typo.

And there's a slight concept problem here:

base 10 is 'delete a short memory' which the representational spell lists as 5 minutes. If you want to say that ten minutes is still within that short memory, that's your storyguide call. Deleting a major/long memory is base 15. The other note isthe +1 diameter on the spell merely ensures the target doesn't have that memory filled back in, it doesn't extend the duration of the deletion, nor restore it at the end.

and as thebluespectre mentioned, adding shape and materials for the items, as well as activation triggers would make them feel more complete.

Blade of heavy earth level 25

When this blade makes contact with anything metal, it reminds the metal it has hit of the dark and comfortable days it spent below the earth. The metal then pulls itself to the ground immediately and with the strength of a strong man. Anything metal this sword hits or parties is moved at str5 to the ground and held there for a diameter.

(base 3, touch +1, diameter+1 +2metal) +10 levels unlimited usage

Fair enough. Means I can lose a magnitude on it which is fine by me!

I will go back through and add descriptions and suchlike over the day and add them for new ones.

The charter stone

Osborn ex verditious was a mage driven with strange ideas and a strange goal; to help recreate the wonders of Rome's engineering. But he wanted to do it with the skill of craftsmen and not magic. To this end he imbued an item to make a town for his craftsmen to gather and learn in. He wanted it like the image of Rome in his head, utopian and comfortable. As such he put a number of enchantments into theb stone.

The stone is a large granite block in the form of a hammer with the terms of the town charter carved in it. Each of the terms are inlaid with a different material, including amber, magnetite and ruby and jet.

The town of ancient dreams (CrTe 64)

This spell creates and maintains the town itself. It creates a series of 800 handsome and intricate cottages, with slate roofs and stone doors, connected by roads. They are all identical, which appeals to his republican ideals.

(Base 3 +1 touch, +6 size, +4 complexity, +2 sun duration)+ 1 level 2 uses a day, +3 linked effec

((Using create the well appointed town as an example))

The fuel of industry (CrTe 25)

By reciting the oath of loyalty to his craft and the town while touching the stone, a craftsman is rewarded by a scuttle full of coal. The townspeople are allowed to use this to heat their forges and homes.

(Base 3, +1 touch, +3 moon) +10levels unlimited use

Set the wheels in motion (ReTe level 40)

Allows motive power to the town by causing great stone disks to turn. For this to happen, the craftswoman must bring a small chip of the stone to the charter stone in the morning and lay it in the small bowl provided. When they then ask for the earth's help to make labours light, the stone on their home starts to spin.

((Modified hermetic generens from changing mythic Europe))

((base 2, +2 stone, +4 arcane connection, +2 sun)) +10 levels unlimited use.

I really like this one. I suggest specifying an aggressive strike or a command word, so that bumping it against your own shoulder while taking a break from a fight doesn't send your chainmail to the ground with you in it. :wink:

Sorry I'm a bit nit-picky: I believe you want +3 Environmental Trigger rather than linked effect.

This looks like a good effect. You could probably get away with +2 Sun duration instead of +3 moon duration if you want to save the magnitude, due to unlimited uses. Moon is much cleaner otherwise, though, and puts a gentler limit on time.

I can't comment on the Hermetic Generens much, since I don't have Transforming Mythic Europe on me at work. I should mention that the stone chip for it will need special care to remain an arcane connection to their home generator over long times - or to be affixed.
Extra note; the Charter stone (large granite block! Nice) needs to be roughly the size of a person (or a bit smaller) to contain the vis necessary to hold the spells, or it needs to be a composite item with the gems opened. I suggest the former, because it fits almost perfectly (4 vis for stone x4 for size=16 vis available, 14 used.)

The cornucopia which feeds the town

This is a granite and almond staff, with a carved section of magnetite tipping it. The two strands are wound around each other in a way that would be impossible for someone who was not a verditious. The two strands are covered with scenes of the mythic cornucopia and rustic scenes of nymphs and satyrs. The cornucopia was made by Osborn ex verditious to allow him to feed the town that he had decided to create. It would be given to a trusted grog whose job was to prepare the days crops.

The stone from which the beasts flow CrAn 40

This effect, when applied to an egg means that the egg will become a fully grown chicken over the course of the day. The unfortunate beast will then go to the chopping block for the next day's food.

(Base 15, +2 sun, +1 touch) +10 unlimited use

Summon the fertile earth Crate 10

This spell summons up the earth to grow crops in for the day. The town had basins built to size to host the crops.

(Base 1, +2 sun, +1 size, +1 touch) +5 32 uses per day

The earth's bounty CrHe40

This is the effect to generate crops. When applied to seeds, each seed will then be planted to grow over the course of the day. These are planted in the soil created above, which disappears at sundown, leaving only the crops for harvest.

(Base 15, +2 sun, +1 touch) +10 unlimited use

These are used to create food, turning eggs to chickens and growing vegetables forbthebwltown forever.

It's a useful staff for a town! Just as a note,


will both inflict a warping point apon the targets of the magical effect due to the power level of it.

Yeah, but both items are about to get eaten. So it's all good.

Hopefully a bonisagus can do a long term study on the effects of eating low dose warping creatures on the ensuing [strike]monsters[/strike] townsfokk