Magic kin and the Gift?

One of the players in my group wants to play as a exiled Atlantean who has been trained as a magus, my question is: can a magic kin character have the Gift?

Edit: and if magic kin can have the Gift, how does it interact with might?

If they have magic might and are using the rules from RoP:Magic, then there's the major Magical Quality "Gifted" on page 37.

If they're just a human with Atlantean blood, then they should have as much chance of having the Gift as any other human with a bit of magical blood in them.

Thanks for answering! My next question is how does a character with both might and the Gift interact together? Like spells for example, are they limited by the character’s might score?


Might is something separate. A Magus can cast as many spells as he normally can, independent of his current Might.

Learning is difficult, unless the character has very low Might, which seems to be the point of such characters. Basically having your cake and eating it too.

An important point to decide: does the character die if PeVi'd to 0 Might?

What happens in your saga if a Hermetic is discovered to have become/be a Magic being? Is he now no longer considered human, and thus outside the protection of the Code?

Aegis and Wards become problematic for the character.

From what I have seen in the boards, Transformed Being Magi as starting characters are extremely powerful, as they can access some fantastic Magic Qualities that interact absurdly with regular Magi activities. In several of the Sagas I have followed, it became an extremely contentious point.

Good luck!

I was one of the first to point this out ages ago. I explored it first with less contentious characters: familiars. I found I could make my ultra-low Might familiar be much more useful than anyone's high-Might familiar using the same low-Might exploit. I have a fairly simple house rule that solves both of them pretty well:

So now the weak familiar trying to take advantage of the low Might needs to pick up more Might first. More powerful familiars already start with more Might and more Qualities, so they're just ahead. The same application to magi also cuts back on abuse by them. And they can actually be penalized more. That's because binding a non-magical familiar will let the magus learn Abilities without penalty, but there is nothing saying they can learn Arts without penalty. Even if you allow Arts as well, there are enough ways to pick up Virtues that this slow-down helps keep things more balanced.

Yup. All good things to consider.

I don't see why not?

RoP:M explicitly says it might not. RoP:M says in some cases the being becomes a mundane version of the same. Personally, I have things like Revenants die (is that the right word) because they become non-magical corpses, while things like Orphan Born lose their Might but don't die because they become non-magical people.

Also, I'm not sure if this would be dropping to 0 Might or dropping below 0 Might. I'd have to double-check. Having 0 Might is not so uncommon among those with Might as it's not no Might, just the lowest possible Might, which is why I wonder. It's kind of like Arts, which you can have at 0 and is very different than not having them at all.


The idea of "Might" comes from the earliest days of AM. Back then, it probably seemed incredibly elegant to conflate various loosely related considerations into a single stat. Since then, even more ideas have been rolled into "Might."

I don't think it works well.

Might makes it difficult to learn anything, but then how does Simba the Cub get the xps to become Simba the Lion King?

Beings with Might are said to be unchanging, yet that only makes sense for certain kinds of magical beings, almost always spirits.

Might also tends to be conflated with immortality, yet that too often doesn't make sense. Some beings are immortal, and others are not.

Might also indicates how many powers a critter has, how good these powers are, how often these powers can be used, and even how many xps the critter has (since xps can be bought.) It also indicates how much MR the critter has and that it has MR. It also covers Penetration.

I think that Might, as it stands, creates more problems than it solves. This is great for padding out rulebooks, but otherwise not so great.



There's also the part that Might interacts somewhat differently now with different realms. Might is Might when you're only using the base rules book, but each Realm of Power expands the Might to mean something slightly differently for each of the realms. Magic I think is the realm where things go off the rails the most.

I must have missed that, could you give me the page number?

Not sure where it is... Looking... Found it:

As for Simba, I think he undergoes an Initiation to evolve from cub to king.
Whereas I underwent an Ordeal from all that singing, when witnessing it.

thank you.

But as for Magic animals having their Might reduced to will suddenly matter if they were born as mundane animals and transformed into magical versions, or if they are magical offspring of magical animals, won't it?

If the former, then the Might 0 animal is mundane again.
If the latter, then what? Does it still become a mundane version despite never having been one before?
And does this even matter?