Magic means to spot a ritual stain

Ave sodales,

One of the players in my troupe plays Reno filius Arthaud, a Guernicus Quaesitor. He takes his investigator’s role seriously. Hence that question.

When a character is targeted by a formulaic spell ritual, the magic effect is everlasting. For example a permanent healing with CrCo mends a wound and the body seems fine and perfectly healthy (without scars).

Does a maga have some means or possibilities to spot small or invisible strains, which the targeted character still bears in his body ?

I know there is a 10InAn to understand if someone is a werewolf which could be seen as an everlasting hex. But werewolves don’t get Warping and there is no spell to cast lycanthropy on someone else so it may be irrelevant.

So what ? Magic Lore ability ?

Or is it purely impossible to spot a past ritual influence ?

Perhaps not quite. But look at:

So, even a D: Momentary CrHe ritual that left a perfectly natural apple, or a D: Momentary CrCo ritual that left a wound fully healed, can still be detected with spells like InVi 30 Sense of the Lingering Magic for some short time.


Amazing, thanks for that clarification !

I just saw some Intellego spells could detect negative magnitude effects, but couldn't find where such magnitudes where spoken about...

HoH:TL Guernicas section goes into spell residue in detail.