Magic Realm Vestiges

After reading RoP:M i have a question about vestiges.
In the Creo guidelines, you can create a new boundary with rating based on magnitude, but while you can create a vestige, it is a fixed level spell and the level of the vestige is not specified. How is that handled? Vestige level is equal to boundary level? Or just using the general guidelines to create a new boundary?

I'm not really sure either. Based upon the way the guideline's phrased, however, I'm tempted to assume that the level of the vestige created is equal to the prevailing boundary.

In any case, I'd humbly recommend submitting it to the Line-Editor as a potential piece of errata. His email is

I suggest the vestige has a level of 1, or 0 if it isn't connected to anything. As a storyguide, I would be inclined to allow the Magic Realm magus to increase the value by 1 for each complexity magnitude tacked on to the spell.