Magic Resistanc with Creo Wim?

I was thinking about a spell that could give my grogs some magical protection with out using my parma.

And I saw this guidline for Creo Animal.
Level 50: Create a magical beast. Such spells allways have a Vim requisite for the beast´s magic, and normaly have other requisites, for its poweres.

Guiedline for Creo Wim says.
Level 3: Taint something with magic

It is possible to create a magical animal, regarding the Creo Animal guidline

But is it possible to give a person or annimal magic resistanc with Creo Wim spell?

How high should a spell be to give a person a protection of 0 and a protection of 5?

In prior editions, ReVi spells could grant magic resistance temporarily - indeed, the Parma was originally such a spell. HoH:TL presents enchanted items which grant magic resistance as a possible breakthrough. RoP:M does give the example of using CrVi to warp animals to grant them Might, which would of course grant magic resistance as well. I suspect your grogs might not be too happy about being turned into inhuman, souless creations though (from their perspective, at least).

The lack of general, blanket Magic Resistance is generally considered to be the reason for the Order's preeminence in Mythic Europe, so I'd be wary of adding more. That said, you could, I suppose using CrVi to create a shield around someone which intercepted spells and was destroyed thereby. That'd protect against a single attack, which is often all you'd really need for your grogs, but not really pose a threat to the Order as a whole. Say something like:
CrVi General: Create a layer of magic around a target, protecting it against magic targetting it. Once a magical effect is touched by the shell, whether or not the shell stops it, the shell is destroyed. The shell will stop an effect of penetration less than the spell's level plus 1 magnitude. Note that this is a CrVi effect and thus the targets suffer warping more readily than those under spells of equivalent level.

Hardened Shell of the Protector CrVi 20
This spell protects the target against a single spell of penetration 10 or less, at which point it is destroyed. Each use of this spell after the first in a single day, or more than twice a month, inflicts a point of warping upon the target. When Pamero ex Jerbiton, whose sigil is crystallinity, casts it on his grogs, the shell is occasionally visible as sharp edges catch the light.
(Base +5, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

I don't know if I'd allow it in my saga, but I don't think that'd be too unbalanced and might be worth a go.

Rather than "penetration 0 or less", i would say "level 10 or less".

A general guideline: dispell a spell cast on the target whose level is less than level of the effect +1 magnitude.

I did consider that. The problem with using levels is (aside from the question of what the power of a spell actually is, when some things run off casting total, some off penetration and some off level) is that it effectively excludes creature powers. As for the PeVi guideline, dispelling is still easier than the warding since the PeVi effect doesn't need a duration. That said, I formed and trotted off the idea over a coffee break, and don't doubt that it'd need testing and probably some rejigging.

Just about any warding spell can be designed so that it protects grogs or other targets. Ring wards, enchanted items, and so on add to the possibilities. My gut feeling is that these options should be plenty for the kind-hearted magus who doesn't like seeing friendly grogs taken out, without adding new (possibly unbalancing) guidelines.

Thanks everybody fore the input.

I think I can use the thing in HoH: TL for something.

Unfortunaly I don´t have the RoP:M, so I can´t se the details in that, but is seams like the wrong way to do it anyway.