Magic Resistance Question

If I use Creo to make an arrow, then throw it with a seperate Rego spell does the target's Magic Resistance resist both totals, the lowest total or the Rego total?

I think it resists both, but with a single roll.

The target will resist if it beats either one. Whether on one roll or two is entirely up to you. Two rolls is more generous.

Each spell will have a seperate penetration total. Each total should be compared to the resistance of the target.

What do you mean by a single roll?

I mean the target should only roll their Magic Resistance once and compare both the pre-determined penetration on the Creo effect and the just made penetration roll for the Rego effect against it.

Thanks for the replies

I thought that magic resitance was no longer roolled in fifth ed.

(quickly errects serf's parma)

It's not. Instead the attacker rolls for penetration


I thought both rolled, similar to Attack and Defense.

On a similar subject, when you roll for Targeting with a spell that causes damage, do you use the difference between the Targeting roll and Defense roll to determine the bonus to damage?

Targeting is only required if trying for secondary effects...spells like pillum of fire require no targeting. It would be damage plus a stress? die roll with no defense roll. Resistance and soak are all that matter.

Penetration is NOT rolled.

Pg. 82

Correct, however it is based on a roll: the spell casting roll. A higher die roll will result in a higher Penetration total.

Magic Resistance is not roll. It is a predetermined, static number. Tarlan the Wolf's Magic Resistance is 20, always (core rules example critter, page 195).

Thus, the Creo spell to create an arrow has a Penetration total based on the die roll received when casting the spell. The Rego spell also has a Penetration total, based on the roll for that spell. As a storyguide, I'd require that both Penetration totals exceed the target's Magic Resistance to effect it.

Matt Ryan