Magic (yellow) submarine

I often use ‘lungs of the fish’ when diving (my magus can actually swim). But if I have to get somewhere fast, I combine it with ‘push of gentle waves’ to have the water aid my swimming. Of course ‘true sight of the najad’ allows me to actually see where I’m going.

This is the sort of water sports any Aquam-lover likes to exercise, but what if I wanted other people to enjoy this as well?
In another topic it came up that the circle target actually makes a sphere, since a flat circle will not do much good with most wards.

So I decide to build a spherical cage, using a vertical and a horizontal circle (from the front side it looks like a cross). I place a personal/ring/circle version of lungs of the fish on it, so that all water entering is converted to air. Then a push of the gentle waves is build into the system, granting propulsion. Finally everybody who touches the small crystal dangling from the ceiling will be able to see through water.
Lvl 25 lungs of the fish (including +1 size)
Lvl 25 push of the gentle waves (maintains concentration, 12x/day)
Lvl 20 clear sight of the najad (sun duration, 12x/day)
And voila, we’ve got ourselves a submarine with a super periscope!

Wait, don't tell me.... your magus is Jacques Cousteau's great great great great great Grandfather!? :laughing:

Seriously, novel idea. A good way to correct a myriad of errors in the medieval beastiary as far as undersea denizens are concerned. :wink:

Well, you just invented efervescent aspirine :laughing:

If all water entering a cross like that transforms to air, you will get LOADS of bubbles moving out of the cross. Not much good for sight of the najad if you do not combine it with true sight of the air. And it is certainly not very discrete, since you have a column of bubbles conming up from your submerged submarine anyway :slight_smile:

The concept of a submarine, I find it to be extremely cool, but it would actually make it a sphere of some material: glass, leather... whatever. A plain open circular cross does not float my boat here. It is too open, for my liking.

12/day use of push of the gentle wave might be too small use as well, mind you. Sometimes you need to move around quite a bit.

If you only want people to go along with you, a few fish bowls consisting of glass spheres for the head and the other effects you mentioned, would be enough :slight_smile: The lungs effects does not even need to be a magic item, and you can make them clear, so that the sight of the najad is not really needed (or you can make it a circle/ring effect as well) so you only need to really enchant the push of the gentle wave effect as a minor item.


Personally, I think that a movable ring, especially one that floats in mid-space (mid-air, mid-water, whatever) is a bit of an abuse of those rules. But, less a matter of opinion, add to that the fact that, if you have two "intersecting" rings, by definition one of them has to be "broken" or not a ring - they form a cage, not a "ring" (nad certainly not two). (And a large ReTe to hold two distinct rings in place separately is, again, an abuse of the intent of the "ring" duration.)

But, depending on your interpretation of "Duration: Ring" (and gawdz know there are a LOT of those!), it's pretty slick!

Just need to reverse the air back into water as it leaves the ring

(cross post with Xavi, above.)

Actually, a carpet or other similar "flat" surface could work, with a ring built into it, and a Ward against water on the ring. If we're going that way. (Most such wards are interpreted as globes, rather than infinite cylinders.)

Water carpet- that's kinda cool. Or a raft that sinks, that could work too.

I can (more easily) make a navy seal-like subby. That only propells, and then give everyone his personal lungs of the fish, but I just like the whole submarine thing.

I don't think I'll actually create it by the way, since it hurts the flavour of our saga IMO. (though personal underwater travel is definately a nice option)

But to answer to some problems:
The double ring: only one ring is enchanted. (since that would already make a sphere by the definition stated by some others in the ring duration topic)
The bubbles: I probably have to make them turns back to water. (how does this relate to turning a human body into air, that doesn't dissipate, why does the water turned to air rise?)
Not being able to look through the bubbles: Since you negate the sight-affecting properties of water, there are no real bubbles in your view -> not a problem)

We often refer to push of the gentle waves as our outboard motor for rowing sloops. :smiley: But I have used it to have my magus get to the rescue real quickly (by letting the water push me)

Whatever floats your boat :slight_smile: Your saga after all.

The air rising would be already qwell documented in period. After all if you breath and jump into the water, and the release the air, you can actually see the bubbles rising. Not termonuclear `physics here. Just plain old observation to see how things work. Air is an element that is lighter than water (fire also is) so it tends to rise.



I think i'd have the air turn back to water when it left the sphere. Otherwise you could create spells that turn any water that passes through the ring into gold, for as long as the ring remains unbroken (line of grogs with buckets of water walk in, line of grogs with buckets of gold stagger out). But whichever way you go, it's still a nice idea.

Hm, I just thought of the trouble of cleaning this device: try and take your cleaningwater to the inside...
Luckily you can spit-polish it, since there is no Corpus requisite in the lungs of the fish.

Or, apparently, you could try...

[size=150][color=green]New, Fresh Lemon Vim!!![/size]


Care to comment on that there, o wise man?

Everybody knows that you need Aquam to make Vim work its magic. Though this particular bottle brings its own Herbam flavouring, Imaginem requisites might be required. :laughing:

Just add the Aquam requisite, sit back, and let Vim do its work! Freshens while it cleans. Take the drudgery out of labwork today!

ok, really- what the hell is that? A drink? A kitchen cleanser? Floorwax, desert topping? What?

All the above. What a wonder!!! :smiley:

i can't stop wondering what you are supposed to stand upon when inside the device. the spells given would make the space inside the rings air, which would leave only the two bars of the crossed rings to stand upon.

Some magi love to hang around bars :wink:

Any self-respecting mage must stand upon his principles! But whatever you do, don't stand up ceremony.

For standing somewhere, there is that second (vertical) circle, perhaps a bit small, but since it doesn't have to be a circle per se you can change the form. Or even place a nice chair in the globe.
As long as the horizontal circle remains circular.

As for the Vim Citroen Fris (Vim Lemon Fresh in English): it's a cleaning agent, it works wonders on glassware, but you have to rinse it properly. (with lots of water)
It's used as a kitchen cleaner, but you find it in most labs also (just like most magi have some Vim in their labs :smiley: )