Magical air/gift - about flaws/virtues mitigating it


I wanted to discuss the gift / magical air and other virtues interaction.

I'm mainly thinking about:

  • magical air
  • blatant magical air
  • gentle gift
  • blatant gift
  • inoffensive to animals
  • offensive to animals.

I do know that there are another serie of virtues in Merinita ressembling, IIRC, inoffensive to animals.

My point is that we can sum up those virtue like that: [table][tr][th]Interaction malus[/th][th]0[/th][th]-3[/th][th]-6[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]To human
----------------------------[/td][td]gentle gift (+3), mundane base[/td][td]normal magus gift, mundane magical air (-3)[/td][td]blatant gift for magus (-3), blatant magical air for mundane (-6)[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]With inoffensive to animals [size=85](of course, only useful for those who are not gentle gifted and not mundane)
----------------------------[/size][/td][td]normal magus gift, mundane magical air[/td][td]blatant magical air, blatant fit[/td][td]Impossible[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]With offensive to animals
----------------------------[/td][td]Impossible[/td][td]mundane or gentle gifted[/td][td]magical air or gifted[/td][td][/td][/tr][/table]

If you do follow my reasoning about the red part, the question I have:

is it allowed for a mundane character or gentle gifted one to take 2 time and for a gifted or magical air character 1 time, the flaw offensive to animals, to go for a -6 state of interaction with animals (= the same as a blatant gift or blatant magical air)?

And vice versa, is it required for a blatant gifted or blatant magical air character to take 2 times inoffensive to animals or is 1 time only taking it enough to counter the effect of the blatant magical air or gift?

My idea was that the writing of the virtue would say that 1 time inoffensive suffice to counter a blatant gift or blatant magical air. And also that a character couldn't take two time offensive to animals if he is mundane or gentle gifted to have the same interaction with animals than a blatant magical air/blatant gifted character.

What do you think about it?