Magical Animal Companion/Familiar - Werewolf?

Would you consider the following excessively munchkin?

A new Magus character is being created, with a Magical Animal Companion with the intent of eventually making the MAC a Familiar. The Magical Animal is a werewolf - supposedly a human who fled into a magical regio while a child and was adopted by a pack of magical wolves, eventually being transformed into a magical werewolf.

What would the appropriate Arts be to bind a Lycanthrope to a Magus? ReCo with an Animal requisite? MuAn with a Corpus requisite?

On a side note, is there any stats for (magical or otherwise) werewolves in any of the 5th Ed books?

I would say that a human cannot be bound. Free will and all that. HOWEVER, a WOLF that can turn into human form (personal power) would be a different matter :slight_smile: In any case MuCoAn seems to be the combo. Would make for a fairly feral/dangerous looking and athletic human IMO. He can certainly create a lot of stories, both "acting wolfish" in the middle of town, being captured or doing awkward acts in public places that draw attention to the group :slight_smile:


I agree with Xavi, a human is off-limits due to free will.

But you gotta ask yourself excately which aspect about the Werewolf is it you want? And what is a werewolf anyway?

Is it a human cursed to uncontrollably turn into a wolf - or human/wolf hybrid - at the full moon, and be completely taken over by the wild and feral mind? Or is it a voluntary change, and does the human retain his human mind and free will while in the other shape? Is it a wolf which can turn into a human or vice versa? Or is it a magicla (or faerie?) creature which can morph between human and wolf and something in-between?

Are you really looking for a humanoid shape with superhuman strength and toughness and perhaps senses, with fur, claws and teeth?

I might be wrong, but I think that the superhuman werewolf are not an ars period thing, but posterior allucinations from more modern writers. IIRC the werewolves in Ars period are just people that turn into wolves. Normal, regular, mainstream, usual wolves. They might be large if you are large, skinny if you are skinny, strong if you are strong etc etc, but not a 12 feet by 12 feet massive machine specialized in grinding meat to protect gaia from the forces of progress applying massive slaughter as a method. :slight_smile:


There is an example of this being done in an earlier version of AM.

Irrelevant. A bond doesnt remove free will.

Let it be a werewolf, but one whose baseshape is the wolf. That also allows his backstory just fine as well.

Nope. A bit on the highpowered side but not really munchkin as long as you play it out a bit rather than just "i bind it as my familiar... done".
I would also most strongly suggest that as a familiar it is clearly a separate personality(preferably acted/played by someone else than the player who has the character its bonded to) as otherwise the "Magical animal companion" Flaw was nothing but a clearcut Virtue.

Muto or Rego and CoAn and perhaps Vim due to the magically altered background.

Campaign specifically said no dragons as Magical Animal Companion.
First choice was Centaur, which was nixed.
Second choice is werewolf.

Apparently wants the MAC to be combat capable, a scout, and have helping hands and/or talk to people when need be.

If I understand correctly, the "werewolf" is a wolf on the 3 nights of the full moon, human on the 3 nights/days? of the New moon, and can choose other times. Human form is semi-feral due to being raised by wolves.
Posibly like a wolf-skin shapechanger with Lycanthropy, but a member of the Magic realm. Very specific about having Magic Might.

Might allow wolf who can shift into human, but why would a wolf develop that power?

Presumably, for much the same reasons that a human would develop the inverse power?

A lot of things were done in earlier editions - which was fine and true back then - but that doesn't make it fly in the current edition.
RAW speaks about animals, usually with Magic Might. Some mystery allows the bonding of spirits. And that's it AFAIK.

Why it may not be entirely relevant, the Tremere PC in our saga has bound a "plain" magical wolf as a familiar, and one of the first powers she instilled into the bond is the MuAn(Co) effect that turns (the body of) the wolf into (that of) a human. It may not have all the flavour of the werewolf thing, but it may provide just what the OP is looking for - plus the transformation is under the control of the maga!