Magical Animals created by Ritual, some details

The guideline in corebook don't tell many, y by that i was searching for opinions and details.
First for a magical being is the Magical Might score, and there are any parameter, only i think the guideline 10 - Size.
Other is the Total cast - size, or the score in art of Animal/5 - Size. The more high fantasy oriented option is (5 + Magic Lore - size) X 5. And maybe a Intelgence + Finess or magic Lore simly die roll?
Other question is the magicual poweres, and I can undertand that a firebreath lizard or something like that add Ignem to the CrAn(Vi) base, but if the power is thought like Crafter or Master of Form from RoP: Magic? Then si needed a Re or Mu/Pe requisite?
I have other questions that i don't remember right now... but after a I add them.

I agree that this is not explained very well in the guidelines. It's confusing enough just to create a magical beast on paper, because there aren't any limits on its power (What's to stop your level 5 magic squirrel from having the ability to kill everything in the forest, teleport the island to another ocean, switch brains with a person, and/or go back in time?).

But I guess once you have the creature figured out, you would need requisites depending on the Form type of the beast, plus Techniques and Forms relating to any powerful abilities it has. Then the level might need to be jacked up to account for the amount of power the creature has, and I guess that would be up to the storyguide. I don't know.

For example, and to see the limits with the rules. I could think in the reasons for make that great fitual and live with a magical creature.
And for that:
The Birth of the Sphinx
Cr(Re)An(Vi)(Co)(me) Level 60, Range: Touch, Target: Individual, Duration: Momentary, Ritual
This spell was designed for Yocastides of Criamon. The power and nature of this creature and his riddles from the Eigmatic Wisdom (She ever born with a enigmatic wisdom score equal to Mighty score magnitud) and to control the people with his voice in a Boundary selected by the creature and his creators.

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This topic has already crept up earlier (me being the culprit who started the discussion then). So here is the link to our previous considerations:


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Thanks, Then i don't isist, i'm goint to see the bprevious consideratiosn and anymore. Maybe finsh the writting of the spell that i was making before, and make suggestions and opinions after the existence of RoP: Magic.
Thanks again.