Magical Disease Spirits?

I have Art & Academe on order through my FLGS.
Does this book have information on Magical spirits of disease?

I have just realised a problem with a PC mage.
The PC Mage has Warped Magic - attracts local magical spirits and to a lesser extent magical creatures. The effect never quite disappears so that it also justifies Supernatural Nuisance (Magic). We have described his Wizard's sigil as "magically intoxicating".

Now when the character was designed we only considered the existance of Elementals, Ghosts and similar sorts of Airy Spirits. ie It is hazardous for him to cast wherever there may be restless dead.

But there are also magical spirits of disease, aren't there?
In which case, how come the character survived apprenticeship without catching a dozen diseases every time he practised casting spells?
I can retcon that his disfigurement also includes pox scars. Currently there is only a large scar from a wild griffon attack during apprenticeship.

Is there any other consequences I should consider?

AFAIK, only infernal spirits give diseases, so that you will die sooner and before having time to confess.

I think that there are or can be magical disease spirits, normally Airy Spirits, that inflicts one disease on magical auras where there are another diseased or similar.

I thought that the loathsome disease Leprosy was of Divine origin.

What of minor diseases such as the Common Cold, Toothache or Chicken pox?
Stuff that disturbs the balance of the bodily humours?

Basically, I am under the impression that somewhere there was something saying that some diseases come from the Magic Realm. I just can't find the original source that provoked the impression.

The Leprosy is a Divine curse, yes.
God being omnipotent, he does what is adequate to His will.

If demons and spirits are the most common or at least a common cause of disease/sickness in Mythic Europe shouldn't living inside an Aegis significantly improve a Covenant's quality of life all by itself.

Edit: In reference to the original post.
First off if attracting elementals, ghosts and other airy spirits was enough of a drawback to justify a flaw before no need to add to the effect now. Maybe disease spirits don't have quite the same tastes as the other ones.

Secound many Magi would consider that guys problem a virtue. "Wait you get vis delivered" :slight_smile:

Interesting. I hadn't considered that.
Since there does not seem to be anything about that Under Aegis of the Hearth, perhaps I am mistaken in thinking that Diseases are mainly caused by supernatural spirits. Perhaps this was something from a 4th Ed source.

It would be amusing if lots of disease spirits clustered about this mage, if they all thought "I see signs of other infection, I will move along to somebody fresher".
Something I hadn't considered. If there are disease spirits, would this guy suck them up from nearby sick people, spontaneously curing them at least until the spirits returned?
Would the spirits re-infect the same people? Say one person with the plague and one with a toothache swap their diseases.

Supernatural Nuisance is a Story Flaw. The stories engendered may deliver Vis if you can catch it. But this may be after the giant magical pike awakens to investigate your wooden boat, or the Lightning Elemental strikes the roof of the Library, or the ancient unsanctified battlefield arises to continue their last battle.

Not explicitly, no. All diseases are a perturbation of the humours, but the cause of that perturbation can be the non-naturals and the contra-naturals. Non-naturals are things which are external to the body but are required by it (air, food & drink, exercise & rest, sleeping & waking, repletion, excretion, emotions, and sensory species). Contra-naturals are those external things that have no beneficial effect - sharp edges, heavy objects, poisons, fire, demons, malign influences of the stars, etc.

In RoP:M the spirits of disease are a variety of Letus - a spirit of death. These are called the Akhlides, after their chief Akhlys. However, think of these as the spirits of the concept of disease. Yes they can inflict the disease as a contra-natural, but they represent the ideal Form of that disease as well. Demons of disease exist on the other hand to inflict misery through the diseases they cause.