Magical Foci and Requisites

Hi all,

When using a focus on something which has requisites, how is the casting total calculated?

Mu 7, Re 4, Te 8
Minor magical focus in Crystal

Cast the Crystal Dart spell (Mu(Re)Te 10)

How does the focus get used

Casting total A
Re 4 was the lowest art, so doubled to Re 8, then add the Te score. gives a CT of 16

Casting total B
Re 4 was the lowest art, so doubled to Re 8. Lowest art is now the Mu 7. then add the Te to give a casting total of 15.

My preference is for A, but I can easily see people ruling for B.

Major Magical Focus has an example. A is RAW.

Incorrect: A is only RAW for Major Magical Focus

B is RAW for Minor Magical Focus, which is what the question is asking

The section you are referring to has been errata'd. It now says: "When you cast a spell or generate a Lab Total within your focus, add the lowest applicable Art score twice, as for a Major Magical Focus (page 45)."

So definitely A in both cases.

Yes, listen to Toa!!! We (I think it was Bard, a friend here.) caught this error a long time ago. The way Minor Magical Focus was originally written can result an improvement in your Arts making you worse at casting something, which was not at all what had been intended.


Thank you guys.