Magical Fortitude: Corpus, What's the Intention?

Hey ya'll-

My group was reviewing the rules for Folk Witches for our game (we need to stat up a folk witch) and we saw that they have Magical Fortitude vs Corpus effects. Except, there aren't any hermetic effects that would work on, right?

I decided to make an account to ask, since it's really confusing. Is there something we're missing here?

Thanks all.

There are two three scenarios where I can imagine this coming into effect.

  1. Against Undead. Say that you are being punched / clawed / bitten by a corpse / revenant actively animated by a spell or power like Corpse Magic / Valgaldrar.

  2. Against Crystal Dart-like effect utilizing bones or other human-like materials (flinging a humanoid faerie at ya oughta do it...), anything that usually results in a damage roll rather than standard combat sequence with weapons, in same leua as fireballs or lightning bolts do.

  3. Shapeshifting effects, maybe? Folk Witches' Animal Ken already covers this neatly, but if you are being attacked by a shapeshifted enemy, perhaps it would apply? Usually shapeshifting effects are Corpus effects with Animal requisite, so they should be applicable to this defense. Come to think of it, perhaps this would extend to anyone punching you while under an ongoing Corpus effect?

But otherwise yes, Hedge Wizard's Magical Defenses are usually not going be as broadly applicable as Hermetic Form Bonuses. Some will also have rather niche areas of specialty, but if its for a player, you can always be generous in the interpreting when it applies.