Magical Kitties on Roll20!

Hello Kitties!
I made available on Roll20 a character sheet for Magical Kitties Save the Day! that I hope everyone will find useful. This is the first Roll20 character sheet that I've moved from private development all the way to publicly available. I still have a lot to learn about character sheet making on Roll20.

The sheet has everything implemented that you need to play.

As you can see, I've implemented several things as just numbers, and I only track the experience points earned. I haven't yet added a section to track how the experience points were spent.
Most of the buttons should be self explanatory; however, "+Add" allows you to add an entry under the Talents, Magical Powers, Flaws, Notes or Problems Facing Your Person. "Modify" allows you to rearrange the entries within a single category. Sometimes you need to roll extra dice, that is implemented with a big button at the top.

Oh, and although Injuries count against the number of dice you roll, owies aren't directly linked to injuries, so you'll have to stay on top of that. Level and Current XP aren't linked either.

Yeah, there is a lot of room for growth; however I'm really happy with having this much to play with. Please let me know any additions, corrections or feedback you have.

Now if we can just convince Atlas Games to make available a set of tokens and maps on Roll20 that would rock. And hey, if someone implemented Kitty Treats that would also be great!


Thanks, Matthew! Maps and other PDFs are coming soon!

Any updates on kitty content for Roll20?

Not for Roll20 necessarily, but the maps and lots of other PDFs are available for free at ... click through to the hometowns for their maps. Enjoy!

Thanks. Now I just need to find some people who want to play.