Magical Lineage of Cats

I have a question for Timothy Fergusson, who I believe wrote the bit about the Magical Lineages of Cats in RoP:M that I'm posting here rather than PM him because it may be interesting to other people:

What breeds did you base the three lineages on, if any?

I'm particularly interested in the Black Lineage, which is said to descend from Egypt, because I can only find a stripped Egyptian breed.

Also, I've been trying to find tales and bestiaries with cats, links would be welcome.


Black egyptian mau, I guess

pictures-of-kittens-and-cats ... au-cat.jpg

EDIT: removing the link, since the image is large and the forum cuts it.


They are not really based on a breed, with the exception of male forties, who do sometimes occur. IMC, Jerbitons have black, witchy cats. That's as far as that goes.

Xavi: Yeah I thought of that, but they're not really black. But they work I guess, thanks!

Timothy: Thanks, I thought that might be the case, but in the excerpt there was something about searching fanciers' websites and so, I thought it might be some weird breed.

Is the link with Bast from previous editions or your own doing?

Sorry, didn't see this at the time.

The link to Bast works back to a piece of fiction I wrote for the Mythic Perspectives fiction competition, which suggested that all of the cats in the Order were part of warring clans.

I also now recall that I believe Cathaginians have black cats, so the black lineage may go through there.

Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately the player decided against having a cat from one of the magical lineages, but I'll make him regret that soon enough :slight_smile: