Magical memory?

Hi all,

I've just started my first saga using the 5th ed. rules. I do the alpha-storyguide bit for two groups with a covenant each. My question has to do with the magical memory minor hermetic virtue. I don't have my rulebook with me at the time, but if I remember correctly it states something to the effect of having a memory more attuned to magical happenings instead of mundane things. I follow up to this point. In addition it states that once you've used a lab-text once you don't need it to replicate the effect in the future, you keep the lab-text in your head, as it were.

But why would you need to use a lab-text twice? If you've already invented a spell or effect using a lab-text, isn't the lab-text pretty much useless to you?

Help me out guys, what am I missing?

You can use your own lab-texts when you recreate an item (charged, minor or invensted). Basicly this means that you don't need to worry about your lab-texts being stolen, destroyed or whatnot...

Right. Thanks!

It's also useful if you spend time at a place like Durenmar which might allow you to make use of their lab texts, but not necessarily to copy them. Sure, it'd be better if it worked with other books, but you can't have everything.