Magical Senses

I was looking back at the thread on Can magi sense vis? where

I was having difficulty understanding why the 'range' of 'Vision' should add so many levels of magnitude to the spell, so I looked back at PP113-4 where Magical Senses are defined...

On rereading and rereading that I can't make myself believe that Dalak is using the rule correctly. The RAW state:

i.e. when a mage casts the spell on himself the range is "Personal".

The RAW also state:

As I read that, all senses are equally easy to enhance, but - as they are different senses - the effect is different in each case. None is more difficult than any other.

What I don't see in the RAW is a clear definition of what benefit Magical Senses might bring. When I first read that section I thought I was seeing the ArM analogue of the D&D 'Clairvoyance' and 'Clairaudience' spells -- so enhanced sight would just allow the target to see further and in more detail. The RAW do say, though:

which does seem to be saying that the benefit is like unto that of an Intellego spell.

If that's the case, a mage enhance any of his senses to give an InVi 1 effect all day, with base cost 1, +2 for "Sun" duration. Making level 3.

Tell me why I'm wrong.

Range for the spell is Personal. The Target is what varies for sensing spells. ArM5, page 113-14, under "Magical Senses," states that Vision is the equivalent of Boundary Target, which is +4.

I don't know whether your question is asking what the rule is or why it is that way. The RAW require additional magnitudes to be added for magical senses.

Base + modifiers for Range, Duration, and Target combine to create the spell's final level. You are conflating Range and Target, which are different parameters. The Target is the sense enhanced.

Oops! Yes. That's exactly what I'm doing. Thanks.

It's funny how one can suddenly start to overlook the obvious on rereading something!