magical site survey

within a week, the following sites are documented in the Malteese Islands:
Dwejra bay aura: 4 400 yard diameter
Azure Window of Gozo (beach across): aura 5
Blue Lagoon Comino aura 2 ½ sq mile
Balluta Bay aura 7 (includes coastal town) 1 sq mi
Fungus Rock aura 3 120 yrds across
Blue Grotto aura 5 size unknown (emergant from cave systems)
Ninu’s cave aura 3
Calypso cave aura 2
Xaghra, Gozo (underground cave) aura 4
St Peter’s pool aura 3 2500 sq yrds
Fomm Ir-Rih Bay aura 5
Ghajn Tuffieha aura 4 150x25 paces
Gnejna Bay Rock aura 6 50 yrd diameter
Ghasri Valley aura 5 300m x 150m (triangle)
Mgarr ix-Xini aura 5 100mx400m

and the following sites are all ancient ruins:
Ghar Dalamt: aura:7
Skorba: aura:10, surrounding ‘village’(also ruins) aura of 5
Ta Hagrat: 25 yrds x 30 yrds, aura:4
Ġgantija: aura:7, 30y x 40 yds:
Saflieni: aura:3
Hagar Quim: aura:10 (15ydx15yd) to 6
Tarxien: aura:10
Borg in-Nadur: Aura:8, nearby village
Baħrija: aura:2

THere are villages inside an Aura 8 and an Aura 7? And these are magical aura, not dominion? Whew.

just... wow. I don't even know where to start here.

A few days passed, and Antonius learned to enjoy his nightly expeditions. At night, one could feel the warm meditideranean breeze, and at times, hear the rythmic sound produced by waves coming ashore. Down below, the islands of Matla, Gozo and Comino were lighted by a multitude of auras, as if stars, tired of the night sky, had decided to spend the night on these tiny pieces of land. Tonight, however, was the last night Antonius would do it in a while, as the survey was now nearing completion. At noon, the next day, the council of magi was convened.

The mood was high, and magie were thrilled as the idea of selecting the emplacement of the new covenant. However, confronted with the abundance of choices, it was decided that a few potentials site would bew explored further. A few sites were debated, and after a while, each magi was asked for his opinion. When it was turn for Antonius to speak, he began:

"Sodales, I think we need to consider this before we lay the first stone of our covenant. Some of the places of mystical power marked on this map are very powerful, and as you know, may affect affect the essential nature the more mundane members of this covenants. He pause, thinking for a second, and slightly clasping his hand... and this is not something I can consciously impose of them. Furthermore, some are ancients temple; they may hold ancients secrets... and ancient curses. I would investigate them thouroughly before settling there. On the other hand, there a many beautiful landscape: from beaches of white sand to complex networks of grotto. However, it could be hard to claim them, as they might be home to powerful creatures or prized by the local nobility."

"As you can see, no site is perfect. I propose we each vote for two sites to be investigated: one where the realm of the pure forms impregnate the nature around it, and the other, a site of ancient power. For myself, I vote for the Blue Grotto, as it is remote or the ruins of the temple of Skorba, as we could be conducting our research in a strong aura, while our servants wouldnt need to worry about deformities."

To clarify, Borg in-Nadur is near a village, the two do not actually overlap.
But yes, there is a village inside a level 7 magic aura. Presumably it's inhabitants are already affected...

"Thank you for your careful work sodale Antonius. If the very high Aura of Skorba is actually accessible, but we could place the main covenant buildings in the more moderate Aura, that seems quite 'useful'?'. I do have to wonder what other properties we might have to deal with in the temple. But then, investigating such things is why we came in the first place. Just how inaccessible is that temple site? We want to be able to build a hospital where we can actually treat patients, after all."

"As for a more conventional site, can you tell me more about the Azure Window? Is that a beach area, where we might add docks and a hospital complex?"

The Azure window site is not the Azure window itself, but rather a section of beach opposite the window where the sunset can be seen through the window at the summer solstice. It could easily be made into a port facility.

While the magi are debating the merits of the sites, Paphos is laying out strings over the map, measuring and surveying. Eventually he finishes, studies it closely for several minutes, then joins the discussion.

"I admit Skorba calls to me, also. the strength of that aura is simply unprecedented, and we have a choice of three of them! Tarxien is the obvious choice if we wish to work near civilization, and is a poor choice if we wish to hide our nature, for the same reason. Skorba combines the high aura with proximity to the waterfront, roads of a sort into town, and nearby lesser auras, which seems to form a perfect triangle, in case you had not noticed. Tell me, what are the uses for additional auras once you have established your labs? A second concern of high auras is the difficulty mundanes have in simply working in them. Work such as building the fine houses you call a covenant."

"Back to the ruins, Hagar Qim is similar to Skorba, but has fewer nearby magical spots, although the Blue Grotto appears to be a real find and will merit exploration regardless. Balluta bay scares me, frankly. An entire village in an aura most magi would kill for? It will bear close watching to see how that magic manifests, but our grogs will thank us not to subject them to the same influence."

"Lastly, there seem to be two sites on Gozo, the cluster around the Azure window, followed by the stronger one at Ggantija. I think Ggantija is inferior to any of the three main temple sites, but while lesser in magical terms, both Gozo choices have unparalled isolation from interfering mundanes."

I think my first choice would be Skorba, followed by Hagar Qim, then the Azure window. I think it is time to survey for regios and potable water, although that can be handled magically, if need be. I have the Sight and would happily volunteer my services to explore Skorba further."

After Paphos finish speaking, Antonius comes closer to the table where the map has been laid.

"It is indeed interesting that the sites near Skorba do form a perfect triangle. I did not notice it, I must admit..."

Antonius strokes his chin for a few seconds, thinking and then continue:

"I think we have reached a concensus then. The ruins of Skorba needs to be further investigated and their accessibility be assessed. Your help will be gladly appreciated Paphos. I think our expedition should be kept to a few people, to not bring to much attention on us as well as to travel quickly. I am of the opinion that Tomas, Paphos, myself and two grogs should be enough."

Antonius then move away from the table, and pour wine in a cup and sit in a chair at the edge of the tent.

"I must also admit to you that I feel uneasy about the fact that we have been staying long here. Sooner or later, the word that we have important reserves of silver and vis is bound to go out. Such a rumor would be bound to attract the attention of nearby nobles or worse ... pirates. Travelling with a few people will ensure that our ressources are well protected."

"You'll need Penko for the physical surveying. His skills are more suitable than mine for that type of grunt work." Yes, he's being a touch snotty here.

"I suppose that you could take Nicolae to help with regios, and David and I can inquire with the Universita as to who has custodianship of this land. And make discreet inquiries as to their temperment and wealth."

He muses the thought for a moment. "Yes. if we are actually to decide on Skorba, we should approach it from two directions at once."

"Agreed. Penko has a trained eyes, and he will be able to tell if the structures of the temple are sound and if we can enter them without being crushed under a rock. We might be able to repurpose some of the existing buildings too, so this survey might give him an idea if it is feasible or not."

Anotnius, take a sip of wine from his cup and continues:

"I should be able to find a path through the regios, if there are any, as I know a charm that make visible the places where it is possible to cross from one to another. As with Nicolae, you'd be surprise how ressourceful he is. Animals see plenty of things, but rarely have the chance to speak about it except between themselves. Maybe he could help you gather information about whomever is the lord of the land on which the ruins stands."

"In addition to Penko, maybe Garcin could accompagny us; he would probably be delighted at the idea of visiting a temple of old, and we could use someone who can swing a sword."

The temple at Skorba is a ruin, not a standing structure. In fact it lies in the greatest ruin- only the floors and an inch of the walls remain. The good news is that there is no chance of it falling on your head...

Okay, Tomas, Antonius, Nicolae, Penko and Garcin go to the Skorba site, and Paphos and David are off to the Universita? Is there anything more we need to discuss first?


Universta? I haven't been able to find anything on a medieval university being located in Malta.

The Universita is the local governing body, composed as far as I can tell by equal amounts petty nobility, local gentry, clergy, bureaucrats, etc. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with education. I think it may have been a holdover coopted from the prior arabic rule.

oops my bad, just did some google-fu and it looks like the Universita came a little later. Off to hobkbob with the local petty nobility, clergy and gentry, then.


Ok, cool.Southern European aristocrats usually organized themselves into municipalities rather than by feudal enfeoffment. The origin of this type of arrangement is actually Roman. I imagine the Universita was some sort of governing council. Typically, some of the seats would have been reserved for important royal and Church officials who served for as long as they had their office, while other seats would have been rotated on a yearly basis amongst the most powerful local political blocs. Local blocs would have been composed mostly of landowning families, and possibly of the richest class of merchants (though it seems unlikely in Malta at this time.)

Judging from similar places I've studied, the following officials would have had a permanent seat; the Bishop, the local royal steward (who manages local royal property,) the Count (who probably delegates his vote to a bailiff that he trusts with his local property.) There would have also been a number of other seats rotated amongst local powerful families, who would have allied with with each other and with foreigners to form blocs. From first glance, it's likely that there was a bloc associated with Genoa and the count and another bloc associated with the royal government, but this is conjecture on my part.

I'm going to start a post in which we can all share our historical sources.

OCC I would rather have nicolae go to the universitas than the magical site, i dont want to play both a magus and a companion at the same time. If you really want a someone with second sight, my familiar would do and kinda make more sense too.

I suggested Nicolae more for his ability to get along with critters more than the Sight, but that isn't crucial - we can do it another time. I don't think Nicolae would make a good first impression among the mundanes, either, due to his ears. If everyone wants a character for this, I suggest you send Madelaine, and Bangahwangah could play Zoltan, if Joel is amenable. Remember that we aren't actually DOING anything, just discreetly gathering info from disparate people. In that regard having several people each get part of the puzzle might actually be a plus.

OOC Nicolae doest actually have dog features unless he enters a faerie aura. The point was that he could gather information about the locals by talking to stray cat, horses, etc.