Magical Warfare specialist

It looks like a I need to make a new Magus character, and I am trying to work out what skill Tactics and/or Strategy would fall under so I can buy the Virtue Puissant (Skill). I suspect it is either one of Guile, Intrigue or Leadership.

As for my old character, everybody had been rolling bad all night while our troupe had been conscripted to provide transport and bodyguards for a VIP to negotiate to a Faerie court. Things go bad and we get back to the ship with the VIP bleeding out after being stabbed with a cursed goblin blade. My mage tries to heal the VIP, using a casting tablet and some recently acquired Vis just as the storm magics rock the boat. And my mage botches - I am expecting 3 or 4 botch dice, but then I am told the ship is still in an inimical aura, and the Vis my character is using is only disguised as Magical Vis (the SG said it was part of a long term plot), and the VIP has a nasty curse. I end up rolling more and more D10s (13 or 14 IIRC), 5 of them end up showing 0. The SG stops the game at that point, saying he needs to decide exactly what happens, but it won't be good and I probably need to make a new Magus character. So here I am.

The concept I am thinking of is someone who has the supernatural Visions Flaw, and during apprenticeship his parens dragged him to the site of many a famous magical battle (ie Magical murders, Wizard Marches, Schism War battles, Pralix's campaign, etc). I am still working on why (maybe a Hoplite pilgrimage, or Seeker training, or normal Quaesitor business), but this new character would have spent a significant amount of time getting visions of magical battles, and seeing the battles from the viewpoints of all the various combatants, and thus getting an idea of what they think they did successfully, and what they think failed, tactics and strategy-wise.

IOS we have an Ability Area Lore: Battlefield, which - your troupe consenting - might be appropriate for your new magus.


Looking at Lords of Men, most of the things you're looking at fall under Leadership (if it's on a battlefield), although some sneaky stratagems (like bribing people to your side or persuading them the open the castle gates to you) would fall under Intrigue.

I will have to see if I can borrow this book.

Lords of Men, page 48:

I'd say that, with the right specialty, you could probably substitute Hunting for whatever tactical skill you are looking to replicate?

The Orlock(Mongol General) insert in Ancient Magic, page 16 and pretty much repeated in tC&tC page 180 (in the notes of the Mongol Trooper insert) might give ideas on a skill set and virtues.