Magically created food.......

HA HA. how many people groaned at the title? An item for discussion.

The Sheperd's Crook

When given the command, this creates a flock of 400 sheep. So long as they remain in sight of the crook, the sheep can live as normal (the crook is normally kept high on a tower). If a sheep is outside the crook's sight at sunrise/sunset, it vanishes, leaving behind an amount of meat, bones, and offal appropriate to the length of time the sheep had survived eating normal food.

CrAn (Base 15, Group +2, Sun +2, Sight +3, Size +1) 55
2 uses per day +1, environtmental trigger +3. Final level 59

A penetration bonus could be useful if used in an aegis, but otherwise it seems right. A messy way to convert grass into meat.
Use in spring, let them eat all they want. Then herd them into an appropraite area near winter, and let them disappear. Eat, sell, salt whatever is edible.

edit. Gah, forgot it would need an intellego spell to see the sheep. But apart from that we'll just assume it's there >.>

edit #2. just realised that it could create 1000 sheep. thats probably too many anyway.

I was thinking about

Base 15, grow a plant into an adult in sun
+2 sun, +1 room

So every day you sow some grain in a 400 sqf area, and harvest it at night. It will be non-magical, because you sowed real grain, and will leave you with the equivalant of a large farm's area of grain, being processable when you want it and in bite sized chunks. It will also give you a lot of timber for building your covenant. I was debating (with myself) if I would munchkin this, or stick with Bauntiful Feasts


I think in most cases it doesn't matter how your covenant get wealth. There may be 1-2 stories based on this but no more.

I was thinking into making this an item, the "Chamber of green thumbs" once per day so it will not be too expensive. The item would be not because it is vetter, but because it leaves a tangible token of my ingeniuty. (Yes, I am Major proud)

An other room would be the "Chamber of slaughterripe eggs" which would do the same for animals

Does a "room" target need a roof? Otherwise we can also grow trees, when we need a roof, this is harder

Sodalis Henricus, sorry to say, but if your items / rooms use Creo magics (like it sounds to my ear), they cannot officially use Room as target. Creo spells only accept Individual and Group as targets.

Sodales Stella, Serf's parma but I seem to recollect that this limitation only applies to Creo effects that actually create something, which I take to mean not to spells that improve the health, speed up the growth, or otherwise affect an existing thing. So affecting all plants in a Room to grow more quickly would seem to be possible.

yes, I checked, and only Creo that actually creates would need group, and the whole idea was not to create but to accelerate and thus have little need for Vis (apart from the original creation)

My mistake in that case.

To answer your third question: According to my memory, Room target does not require roof, but my memory has been wrong before, even very recently. :wink:

problem is, the book states the height of the ceiling does not matter, so I am inclined to say there should be a ceilig, but since the height does not matter, I might get away without one

The sky's the limit, baby! :wink: :laughing:

But that's IT. No going beyond the Lunar Sphere, man!

Awww, no trees that could make my very own tower of Babel?

The tree might reach the sea above the clouds. A worthy project, I say!

hmmm, if only I wasn't deficient in Auram and Aquam (and ignem and terram, I am a non-elementalist, preferring to work the living magics), I might just aspire to it, as of now, I will have to show my greatness in some other way.

Being the notorious food curmudgeon I am, I think I'll return on this when I have time to think it over more closely...