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If I were to enchant an item to use an arcane connection to a flock of birds, I can use InAn to see what the birds see. I can use CrIm (linked) to project what the birds see onto a surface. Would I be able to use ReIm to arrange those points of view into a comprehensive whole for an overhead view of where they are, making an effective (if not durable thus far) map?

Trying to work out how you get an Arcane Connection to a flock?

Perhaps a sparrow that is related to, and flown in the same flock year after year to San Capistrano? So capturing that sparrow means it is an Arcane Connection to the flock?

OTOH the flock is a dynamic entity, losing and gaining new members each year. In many cases, a flock only lasts as long as the seasonal migration, then the individuals do their own thing.

I am very dubious about there being an Arcane connection to a "flock of birds"

for the purpose of this casting target: group and an arcane connection to an individual would be sufficient- the bird and others near it.


I believe this can be done even as a single effect with requisites. You're looking at:
Base 10 intellego animal Read an animal's surface thoughts
+4 arcane connection
+2 group
+1 requisite (for a Creo Imaginem effect to display the sight on a surface like a mirror, see Determine the location of the absent volume as an example of this, Covs 100)
a TBD modifier for complexity which I would assess at +1 since you're amalgamating the senses of several creatures in a coherent whole but not much higher because you're already paying for group target - unless you add something in your effect which would bump up complexity (e.g. zoom, etc.)

Overall effect level 50, which is a ritual if a spell, but can be enchanted since its parameters don't default to ritual. I do not believe you need rego at all for what you're looking to do if you limit yourself to a single enchantment - though of course this path would have lab total considerations which may make a multiple enchantment optimal... Incidentally, a mirror gives +6 to display images while enchanting, which would be great for the above.


Not a ritual, since it is level 50. If it was level 51+ it would be a ritual.

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Good catch.

Yes, but I'm thinking I'm also going to want a ReAq follow up to place inks to copy the image onto paper after this step...

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