Magnes Liparea ex Guernicus

Please post Magnes Liparea ex Guernicus' character sheet here. This this thread will also cover laboratory, personal OOC information or anything related.

Joachim was the second son of Pierro, one of the high ranked custos at Confluensis, and soon identified as gifted. Taken as an apprentice by the Chief Hoplite as soon as he was of age, he had little time to enjoy his childhood or play with the other kids - it was training and more training and more training. Valerian was quite pleased to see the boy had potential in the art of Terram, as well as his natural curiosity and sense of justice.

For his first five years of apprenticeship, Joachim never left the covenant, and his pater left him alone in the sanctum quite often as he travelled throughout Normandy hunting the criminals of the order. This gave Joachim some degree of freedom in what to study, as Valerian's sanctum always had a handful of books on different subjects lying about. One such book had been written by Quaesitor Simprim, advocating such changes in the Oath and Code of Hermes as to foster closer relations with the mundanes, more rights to the Quaesitores and a reformulated punishment system for transgressors. As he read the book, Joachim saw his pater wounded at times, away for months at others. He questioned Valerian on why there were so many criminals in the Order, and if a harsher code of law mightn't discourage them. Valerian answered as best as he could, without taking sides, but it was no good. Joachim had already been sold to Simprim's ideals, and the apparently endless job of his pater seemed only to reinforce his beliefs.

Right after his gauntlet, the magi at Confluensis had become agitated with news of a possible conspiracy (as some put it) to recreate the Lotharingian Tribunal and shape it in lawlessness and deception. The orders from Magvilus arrived fast, and they were quite clear: Whatever the situation, House Quaesitor was to start a covenant in the intended area to ensure the new Tribunal, if it ever came to be, would not be the Order's demise. What the magi at Confluensis could not agree on was who to send, and when. Joachim, who had taken the name Liparea, stepped up. The elder magi eyed him suspiciously. Why did he want to be involved in such thing? A newly gauntlet magus? But Valerian defended his filius, and in the end it was agreed that he would serve as an advanced party - a scout, if you will.

His mission agreed upon, Liparea packed his things and spent the following three years travelling around the areas of the previous Lotharingian Tribunal, meeting the magi and the covenants within its old borders. Returning home, he reported to the senior Quaesitores, telling them he had established a small correspondence network with those magi who had openly supported the Tribunal. Many of the magi at Confluensis were still suspicious of him, and news of his journeys reached those established covenants in the Rhine and Normandy who stood to lose influence and power if the new Tribunal was to be created. The magi at Fengheld and Oculus Setentrionalis, seeing the opportunity for a scapegoat should the plans for the new Tribunal go south, begun spreading rumours about the intentions of House Quaesitor - particularly those of open Transitionalist propension. Liparea had not only been travelling extensively and openly questioning magi in regards to a new Lotharingian Tribunal, he had also been advocating the major changes to the Peripheral Code that could be exacted, the possibilities of a Tribunal shaped in the Transitionalist's view.

He became an instant celebrity, and House Guernicus was divided. The Traditionalist loathed him for his Transitionalist propaganda and allied with the magi at Durenmar, Irencilia and Crintera - those whose influence and dominance was at greater risk. The Transitionalists didn't openly side with Liparea as a faction, although a few individuals did. The concern of the majority who did not was that his actions might bring notoriety to the movement, in what could prove to be his undoing.

With most of his own House against him, and several other magi throughout the Order, Liparea retreated into Confluensis and found solace in his studies. The following years were relatively calm, as he quieted his ideas into his correspondence network and bid his time. But magi have long memories, and none forgot. Three years later he received a letter from the Quaesitor Tectonius, based in the Roman Tribunal. Their conversations focused around how the Transitionalist movement should be elaborated upon and spread to the order, the problems with the Peripheral Code both in Normandy, Rhine and Rome, and the Terram Cult within House Guernicus. It wasn't long before Tectonius invited Liparea to visit him at Rome, where two important things happened of importance: he was introduced to several prominent Transitionalists from all the Tribunals at a symposium on the New Dawn of Order; and he was initiated into the Terram Cult of House Guernicus. Tectonius turned out to be a good friend of his pater, Valerian, who had been asked to test Liparea's determination and sense of justice. Liparea had been measured and weighted, and had been deemed worthy.

With renewed certainty in his cause, he added the name Magnes to his own and returned to Confluensis, starting once again his public defense of the Lotharingian Tribunal - this time finding and securing for himself a position far from Confluensis, at the covenant of Almelo, at the heart of the disputed area.