Magus: Adrien ex Bonisagus (Freddie)

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Name: Adrien ex Bonisagus
Gender: Male
Age: 24 (gauntlet at 22, apprenticeship starts at 7)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0(4)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Size: 0
Personality: Ambitious +3, Brave +1
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 74kg

Characteristic Score
Intelligence 3
Perception 0
Strength -1
Stamina 0
Presence -2
Communication 5
Dexterity 0
Quickness -1
Virtues Level Type Points Notes
The Gift Free Special 0
Hermetic Magus Free Social 0
Puisant Magical Theory House General 0
Mercurian Magic Major Hermetic 3
Affinity with Creo Minor Hermetic 1
Affinity with Corpus Minor Hermetic 1
Minor Magical Focus:Aging Minor Hermetic 1
Book Learner Minor General 1
Good Teacher Minor General 1
Great Characteristic:Communication 1st Minor General 1
Great Characteristic:Communication 2nd Minor General 1
total 10
Flaws Level Type Points Notes
Ambitious Minor Personality 1 To become a renowned author
Higher Purpose Minor Personality 1 To discover and share the secret of immortality
Diabolic Past Major Story 3
Twilight Prone Major Hermetic 3
Susceptibility to Infernal Power Minor Hermetic 1
Deficient Form:Animal Minor Hermetic 1
total 10
Abilities Specialty Score XP
General Abilities
Norman(Naitive Language) Talking about Animals 5 75
Athletics Excercise 2 15
Awareness Searching 2 15
Stealth In Natural areas 1 5
Survival In Forests 1 5
Swim In Rivers 1 5
Concentration Spell Concentration 3 30
Academic Abilities
Artes Liberales Ritual Magic 1 5
Latin Hermetic Usage 4 50
Philosophiae Ritual Casting 1 5
Arcane Abilities
Magic Theory Creo 4+2 50
Parma Magica Corpus 1 5
Infernal Lore Demons 2 15
Hermetic Arts Score XP Notes
Creo 12 55 82 w/ Affinity
Intellego 0 0
Muto 5 15
Perdo 5 15
Rego 5 15
Animal 0 0
Auram 0 0
Aquam 0 0
Corpus 12 55 82 w/ Affinity
Herbam 0 0
Ignem 0 0
Imaginem 0 0
Mentem 0 0
Terram 0
Vim 5 15
Known Spells Level Arts Casting Total Notes
Bind Wound 10 CrCo +24
Purification of festerng wounds 20 CrCo +24
Enter the domain of Eir 30 CrCo Rit +28
Sealing the lips 10 ReCo +17
Wizard's leap 15 ReCo +17
Trap of Amber 15 ReCo +17
Tossing the brawling brute 20 ReCo +17


Adrien was unluckily born into the family of diabolists, and not just the family, but the entire village
was full of them, the debauchery and sin ran rampant there and the vile rituals they have preformed on the
young child has left their mark, even without the ill effects of the gift people find it uncomfortoble to be
around him due to the corupted air around him. Before long the Order came to know of this situation and
the village was eradicated, Adrian was taken in by the Flambau magus who lead the diabolist hunt,
however not long after he was transfered to his Bonisagus parens as they saw potntial in him and
invoked the right of Bonisagus Magi to take other's apprentices. Now a full fledged magus he ventured
to the frontlines of the Schism war to act as a healer in exchange for a part of the loot, now though
he is looking to settle down and what place is better than the newly freed lands?