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There's a problem with the spell target, then.

I see. A misread on my part

Distant Eyes spell InIm35
base 1, +4 Arc, +2 diam, Vision +4
Allows the caster to see through the lens for 2 minutes.

It would be easier for a magi to fly and then take their memories but I wanted it to be usable by any magi. Not just ones that fly.

Another way is is use MuMe40 Inmost Companion(ArM5 pg149-150) which changes your mind into a bird and get the memory that way.

Do we need to work on a Pensieve :smiley:

Yes, once again, we're experiencing feature creep :slight_smile:

Fixer has got a good point! All you need is the crystal to do the projection thing, and then you've got a map to work all those other spells with.

Which is easy enough to achieve in the regio. Just put your Eye of Sauron device at the top of the mountain. In the mudane world, we'd need to do something else. Maybe put one of my Foundation Stones up there with the gargoyle on the bottom, and then cover the entire thing in a cloud. And then there would always be that unmoving cloud above Castle Greyskull....

Okay. Maybe not the best plan. Maybe a simple Perdo Imaginem enchantment on the Foundation Stone, also Target:Structure?

You're not thinking long term. If you design the mirror to socket multiple arcane connections, and then InIm the magically created sight sense of the gargoyle whose AC you touch, then the system can be expanded later:

  • Upgraded gargoyles, with better penetration
  • Different locations, including our safe house in Loch Leagan, trojan horse applications
  • Oh, if we do this with an Intangible Tunnel effect to do the InIm, then you could also then cast at targets perceived through the Tunnel!

Sorry, IT does not work that way... If you've got an IT to a grog and scry on him, you can't target the magus to his side. Save in indirect ways, such as with a T: Room spell.

Sorry for not being clear, that was what I meant. I was thinking that this was the "security camera" thread that I started in the Ars forum.

If we are still talking about a MAP then you want to emulate how they are done now. Fly over and take photos. map against the photos then send survey crew to make detailed drawings of the area. Are you mapping France with that? Not anytime soon. Are you mapping our region? sure. Just takes time ( as as in the real world).

This sounds like a noble endeavor. And Fiona will volunteer to let Tranquillina play with her body in the course of her research...after all, her body presents rather unique challenges. (And yes, she does phrase it that way.)

I like Tranquillina's proposed research. I was going to suggest an additional application (a magical version of maggot debridement therapy) but that's CrAn and thus outside the proposed scope.

Oooo, cool idea cunningrat.... Actually, check page 30 of Art & Academe: it says that (in the medieval paradigm) vermin spontaneously generates from an appropriate substrate (say rotting meat), and thus can be produced by Rego Animal magic applied to the substrate. So close to Rego Corpus....

PS: for slightly more information on Tranquillina's overall research plan, one can see this post or that post.

The specific question I'm asking for 1229 is: is it okay to invent ReCo spells that duplicate the effects of CrCo spells that she already knows?

You thread a dangerous path here :wink:

I suggest you look at Ars and Academe: You can use Rego to recreate alchemical formulaes, including those based on medicine (that act on humors and all). This seems very close to what you look at achieving.

For the bonus to recovery, I'm torn, as I can see both the "no" and the "yes" side of the equation. Probably the more RAW (and not unbalancing) way of doing this is just to follow the rules for chirurgy and all (I believe they're also in A&A), with appropriate spells to set the bones, close the wounds, blah blah blah, and an appropriate Finesse roll at +3 difficulty.

Yeah, you're right of course. I'm feeling free enough to type a few examples up now :slight_smile: I'm more or less making up the target EFs for the Finesse rolls.

Clot and Swell
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
ReCo 10 (Base 3 by analogy with CrCo, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)
This spell cause's the target's body to enhance its natural healing mechanisms: swelling protects injured joints, blood clots firmly around wounds, and so on. The target can undertake any activity without risking the wounds worsening, if the caster rolls 9+ on an Int + Finesse stress roll. (A 6+ will at least give the target a +3 bonus to rolls that check for worsening of the wounds due to strenuous activity.) She still suffers from the wound penalties, however, and cannot heal naturally while under the influence of this spell.

Cleansing of the Festering Wounds
R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Ind
ReCo 20 (Base 4 by analogy with CrCo, +1 Touch, +3 Moon)
This spell causes the target's body to continually cleanse a wound with healthy bodily fluids, as well as keeping the internal balance of the humors harmonious despite the effort spent on addressing the wound. The target gains a +9 to Recovery rolls to recover from wounds, as long as she is under the influence of this spell for the entire recovery interval, and as long as the caster rolls 12+ on an Int + Finesse stress roll. (A 9+ will at least give the target a +3 bonus.) A related spell, Cleansing of the Lingering Ailments, provides a similar benefit to Recovery rolls to recover from diseases.

(The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch, for example, wouldn't have a ReCo analogue.)

The idea is to do Rego crafting for these? Should b Per+Finesse.

Agree, this is why I suggested he looked at A&A and mundane chirurgy.
Like, he could aim for a spell emulating First Aid, that gave a bonus to recovery equal to (Finesse-3)/2. Another that gave a similar bonus as palliative care. Higher level spells could eliminate the penalty (but nothing more), giving him more efficient spells that allow tranquillina to make everything a surgeon does, but with Finesse instead of Chirurgy. I believe there's also something for chirurgical intervention.

Gerg: Your spells... They don't emulate natural processes, they boost them, which is what Creo does. Rego allows changes between natural states, not turboboosting the healing process. You can argue that you can, say, keep a wound closed with Rego (emulating Bind Wound), or set bones, but I don't think you can speed up the body like this.
Even if allowed, as it is, you just took the same spells and changed the technique, which is... not a good thing IMO.

As a side. The same effect is done in Hedge magic with the elemental arts. Each humor is related to a elemental art. Just a different angle if you want to take it.

I'll pile on here, gerg. After looking at the spells a bit more in depth, You're going to have to work from higher bases, and also invent these effects. On an alternative note, to strike a counterpoint, you said that they can't heal while under the influence of the spell, I'd suggest that they can, if they're using the body's own faculties to heal, just manipulating them, rather than using magic to force the body to be in a healed state. The advantage of ReCo healing is that it should operate more like Chiurgury or Medicine, the disadvantag is that it can't replicate all effects, and for effects it can replicate it must do so at a higher level (the non-optimal nature of what Tranquillina is doing). I'll move this discussion over to a spells/Magus labs thread. in a bit.

Ok, the consensus on the two proposed spells seems to be that Clot and Swell (the ReCo analogue of Bind Wound) is perhaps ok, but would have to be higher level; but Cleansing of the Festering Wounds (the ReCo recovery roll bonus) is pretty suspect. After thinking about it, I can see the point - to a point. :wink: Instead of aiming generally for "spells that does a body good", I should specifically focus on "spells that provide the effects of Medicine and/or Chirurgy". It is possible for Medicine to provide a bonus to disease recovery rolls, and for Chirurgy to provide a bonus to wound recovery rolls; as Fixer says, perhaps I should design these spells from the ground up (trying to emulate craft magic) rather than just translating them over from CrCo spells. (I had already planned on doing some of the chirurgical intervention procedures as literal ReCo craft magic spells.) I'll put out some more specific revised ideas in a new post.

A couple of reponses to JL's comments: I reviewed HoH:S and Covenants, and the pattern I see in the end is that Creo magic uses Int + Finesse, Rego magic uses Per + Finesse (possibly there are some exceptions). So that makes sense that these ReCo spells should be Per + Finesse - so noted for the future. Now, when you said "You're going to have to work from higher bases, and also invent these effects" - what did you mean by "invent these effects"? Something different from "inventing spells that cause these effects"?

By the way, I just reread the sidebar "Chirurgical Magic" on A&A page 60, and it explicitly says Int + Finesse there. Strange....

It does indeed say that. I'm still of the mind that it should be Perception + Finesse for consistency sake. Consider that you're setting a bone, much of what is being done is not knowing how to do it, but knowing that it is done correctly. Responding to the feedback and adjusting. This isn't about intelligence, or book smarts, it's about understanding and awareness of the changing situation and present circumstances.
I'll let this go to the troupe for decision, though. If the majority says Int + Finesse is fine or they don't care, then we shall go with Int + Finesse.

For the record, I don't have a problem with either Int + Finesse or Per + Finesse, either from first principles or from usefulness for Tranquillina (she's +3 vs +2). And anyway, Tranquillina's not really inventing these spells for the purpose of using them! :laughing: Although she might someday, the main point is to do the research.

Well, if you're good with it, and since it matches the principles of Craft magic, I'd rather go with Per + Finesse.