Magus: Luciu Ragusa of Guernicus

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Name: Luciu Ragusa of Guernicus
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Size: -1
Personality: Idealistic +3, Temperate +3, Inquisitive +3
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Warping: 2 (20)
Confidence: 1 (1)
Soak: +1 (+4 Vim)
MR: 15, Ignem 20, Vim 31
Combat: Ini +1, Attack -, Defense +1, Damage -

Characteristic Score
Intelligence +3
Perception +2
Presence +1
Communication +1
Strength -2
Stamina +1
Dexterity -2
Quickness +1
Virtues Level Type Points Notes
The Gift Free Hermetic 0
Hermetic Magus Free Hermetic 0
Hermetic Prestige Minor Hermetic 0
Flawless Magic Major Hermetic 3
Premonitions Minor Supernatural 1
Second Sight Minor Supernatural 1
Skilled Parens Minor General 1
Puissant Vim Minor General 1
Affinity with Vim Minor General 1
Puissant Intellego Minor General 1
Affinity with Intellego Minor General 1
Total 10
Flaws Level Type Points Notes
Twilight Prone Major Hermetic 3
Visions Minor Story/Supernatural 1
Driven Major Personality 3
Temperate Minor Personality 1
Small Frame Minor General 1
Weird Magic Minor Hermetic 1
Total 10
Ability Specialty Score XP
Awareness Alertness 3
Charm Debate 2
Concentration Spell Concentration 1
Etiquette Magi 1
Folk Ken Magi 2
Guile Half-truths 1
Intrigue Gossip 2
Leadership Debate 2
Native Language: Sicilian Siciliano 5
Organization Lore: Cult of Mercury Ceremonies 1
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes Personalities 2
Art of Memory Scenes 2
Artes Liberales* Debate 2
Dead Language: Latin Hermetic 5
Code of Hermes Peripheral Codes 2
Dominion Lore Saints 1
Faerie Lore Rules 1
Finesse Speed 1
Infernal Lore Curses 1
Magic Lore Magical Traditions 1
Magic Theory Learning Spells 5
Parma Magica Ignem 3
Penetration Intellego 1
Premonitions Supernatural Threats 5
Second Sight Invisible Things 5
Art Score XP
Intellego 16+3 1
Rego 5 3
Vim 16+3 7
Spell Casting Total Level Mastery
Sight of the Molting Magus (HH:TL 72) 21 25 1; Lab
Sight of the Sigil (HH:TL 72) 40 50 1; Lab
Restore the Faded Threads [-5 or more] (HH:TL 74) 21 30 1; Lab
Peering Into the Mortal Mind (ArM 149) 23 30 3; Quiet x2, Still
The Call to Slumber 9 10 3; Multi, Pen, Fast
Tales of the Ashes (ArM 141) 21 5 1; Imperturbable

|Spell Mastery|Score|XP|
| --- | --- | --- | --- |
|Sight of the Molting Magus|1||
|Sight of the Sigil|1||
|Restore the Faded Threads [-5 or more]|1||
|Peering Into the Mortal Mind|3|1|
|The Call to Slumber|3|1|
|Tales of the Ashes|1||


Luciu grew up in the sheltered walls of Magvillus, son of a scribe and a cook. He wandered the covenant, and had a strange knack for staying out of trouble, and avoiding hard work; but as he avoided mundane work, he gained skill in wrapping people around his finger. But as he got older, he became less liked, and eventually the change was noticed. After careful examination, his Gift was discovered, along with his useful knacks, that had seen him find out things he wasn't meant to know, and simultaneously avoid getting in trouble for them.

With his abilities, his Gift was hard to open, so his parens was a quite senior Guernicus magus, Zuzentasun ex Guernicus; very old, with ethics as tough as granite, who eschewed politics out of principle so had a position unsuited to his years. He was the covenant's priest of Apollo, who led the Cult of Mercury for the House of Guernicus. His education was extraordinary – not only did he teach Luciu his own extraordinary magical talents, he also ingrained his ethics into the boy's head – an unyielding sense of justice, and desire for truth, more important than any expediency or pragmatic concerns that others might put first. He died before the War started, and Luciu finished his last couple of years of apprenticeship with others, before taking, and passing, his gauntlet exam.

Luciu feels, deep down, that the war was a mistake, one that can be laid at the feet of House Guernicus. He knows for a fact that his parens would have been a vocal opponent, and might have even had the moral authority to stop it. He only broached the subject once, and the reaction was so swift and harsh that he immediately dropped it, managing to play it off as playing devil's advocate, for the sake of education. He hasn't really dropped the subject, but he knows he must be careful, and discreet. He has spent his time since his gauntlet performing his duties to the utmost of his ability, but he has also kept his eyes wide open for evidence pointing to the truth, both of the causes of the war and of the true nature of both Diedne and Tremere. He builds a record now, and he has left for later the decision of how to handle the truth, once he uncovers it.

A small man, with dark eyes, and a large moustache. He wears a long, skirted tunic (a bliaut) dyed with yellow and red stripes, and a pair of long leather boots.

Post-gauntlet advancement

(10 years total – 300 xp – all reflected above):

Charm +10, Etiquette +5, Folk Ken +10, Intrigue +10, Leadership +10, OoH Lore +10, Art of Memory +10, Dead Language: Latin +25, Code of Hermes +10, Dominion Lore +5, Faerie Lore +5, Infernal Lore +5, Magic Lore +5, Parma Magica +25, Penetration +5, Premonitions +60, Second Sight +60, Peering Into the Mortal Mind Mastery +13 (doubled), The Call to Slumber Mastery +13 (doubled), +4 Vim (plus affinity)