Mail Call

A thread for correspondence between characters.

(dated mid Spring, 1222)

Halie filia Corvus scholae Bjornaeris.

I understand that you have been assigned to quaesitorial duties in Loch Leglean.

Come to Horsingas so that we may clarify your role in the Tribunal.

Whitburh Frithowebba doctrinae Guernici, Quaesitor Caledoniæ

((Letters can be posted here; rp will be resolved in the It's Late thread.))

To: Whitburh Frithowebba doctrinae Guernici
Horsingas, Caledonia

From: Haliaeeta filia Corvus doctrinae Birna
Insula Canaria, Caledonia


You are correct that I have been assigned to Loch Leglean. Unfortunately, you are misinformed as to my role here; I am not your subordinate, and as such, I politely decline to honour your thoughtfully considered and respectfully issued request.

If you have any questions or confusion regarding my role here, you may direct your inquiries to the Magvillus council.

Decuria Exteria ab Magvillus

To: Corvus filius Aquila Bjornaeris
Voluntas, Britannia

From: Hali Aeeta filia Corvus Bjornaeris
Insula Canaria, Caledonia

Dearest Pater,

I hope this letter finds you well. How are things at home? I am still settling into my new home in Loch Leglean. I miss you dearly.

There are some holes in the library here, and we may be in the market to purchase summae on Aquam, Herbam, Mentem, and Ignem. If you have any suitable texts of the aforementioned Arts you may be willing to sell copies of, please let me know.

I was wondering what you might be able to tell me about Godiva of Jerbiton. She seems to have taken an active interest in the covenant I now call home, and I wonder whether I should be concerned.

Now, last we spoke about Finesse, you made an argument I found quite compelling. ((Delves further into the relationship between fastcasting and targetting.))

Please wish Julia well on my behalf. I do miss you both. I pray that Voluntas thrives under your wisdom and shrewd guidance.

Your faithful filia,

(OOC: I would like to set up a correspondence, as per the rules from Covenants, to slowly increase my knowledge of Order of Hermes Lore. If it's not possible or we're not using that rule, then the following is just a letter to my parens)

To the mighty Sorcerer Pendragon, Cad Gaddu, Stonehenge tribunal:

Dear Howell, thank you for the advice on where to look for hedge magi. I have settled here in the far north and started learning their local tongue. The covenant seniors are friendly, and one of them has offered to help with creating a most powerful longevity ritual for me. I thought I'd never find someone so powerful to help me, but I am in luck, and I am sure the favour it will cost will be worth it.

My junior sodales are more interesting - one has left and decided not to complete their probationary period; one is an earnest Verditius keen to find a venditor; one is a young Tytalus who appears to be of a Calliclean persuasion; and the other one is a Bjornaer Quaesitor of a firmly transitionalist view, determined to uphold morality, justice, and other things The Code doesn't cover, and in particular she disapproves of "The Flambeau Defence". I am certain that we will have many interesting council discussions!

Please tell me how things are going within our House - is it true there is to be a census of all Magi Ex Miscellanea to check who we all are and where we reside?

Your filius,

((this letter is received several months after Halie wrote her letter.))

From: Corvus filius Aquila Bjornaeris
To: Quaesitor Halie filia Corvus Bjornaeris

Things are going as well as can be expected. We are still trying to fill the holes in our hearts caused by your departure, but my pain is assuaged by the knowledge that my filia has achieved one of the highest honours that can be bestowed in the Order. Julia is working feverishly to try to break the stranglehold that the despots of Blackthorn have on our Tribunal at the meeting next year, and we feel that we are closer this time than we have in Tribunals past.

Kirist was grievously wounded recently in a Wizard's War against Argentius of Flambeau (may he rest in peace), but is recovering nicely. Phessallia still spends most of her time in the north, visiting places that she thinks only she knows about. The last time she returned to Voluntas, I thought I saw a smile crack her lips (although it may have simply been a Creo Imaginem effect). Desiderius continues to surprise us of late...he has even started to mingle with the covenfolk. I suspect that he is trying his hand at wooing some of the womenfolk, but he has yet to learn that most women find laying on a slab to be a mortifying concept.

My filia, you know that our library is open to any who wish to study (for a mere pittance), and that we are always open to negotiations for copying rights if you have any tomes that would enrich our library.

Godiva doctrinae Jerbitonis is an interesting young woman. In her former life, she was a daughter of the Earl of Worcester, and was taken as a child by Waleran of Jerbiton. She is a very talented painter, and her master made sure that her gentle gift was not ignored by ensuring that she was taught the courtly graces. She has never struck me as having great political acumen, however, being too focused on her own interests. A couple of apprentices feel that she often distracted them from their studies while she was at Schola Pythagoranis, but I can't say for certain if the fault lies with her or with them. From what I gather, unless she has matured considerably since her gauntlet a couple of years ago, any interest she may take in Insula Canaria is more likely to be with a particular inhabitant than with the covenant as a whole.

((He also responds to her discourse on Finesse, and poses some theoreticals as to whether Finesse can be applied to Intellego, and if so, how.))

I hope to see you sometime in the next couple of years.

Warmest regards,


((Would that be the bound collections of correspondences described under "Other Opus Types" on page 90?))

My filius Trimalchio,

Things are going apace. As always, there seems to be three ways to do something for every two magi involved. The fact that some magi are more secretive, or concerned that their membership in the Order may be viewed with some suspicion by the more traditional members of the order (especially ex Miscellanea of the first generation). At the last meeting I attended, it seemed that we were going to send a delegate to each Tribunal meeting before Grand Tribunal to get as accurate a count as possible. There are also a few of the opinion that such a census is unnecessary, who fear the repercussions if the count is either lower than what we believe our numbers to be, or substantially higher. Some give Ebroin the benefit of the doubt, in hopes that we can get the Order to see us in a new and better light, and some hope that Immanola will return from her Twilight and "put an end to this nonsense."

Our Tribunal is this summer, while yours (I believe) is next year. I have asked Ebroin to name me delegate to Loch Leglean, and assured him that I have no ulterior motives (but I'm sure he sees through the lie).

Regardless, the next few years looks to be interesting indeed for our House.

I will keep an ear out, and if I hear word of any venditores in need of work, I will try to put him in touch with your sodalis.

(He also expounds some on the merits of Traditionalism vs Transitionalism, trying to stay impartial but obviously not knowing much about Quaesitorial matters)