Major Breakthrough

Hey all,

I am about to embark on a story as alpha SG, and thus also have a character. He is primarily an Imaginem Magus, and I wondered what you all thought of the following as something to work forward to:

A Major Breakthrough which lets Imaginem "fuse" with Vim (In effect giving every Imaginem a Vim requisite) to have them interact for real with the world. Walls would stop a person, a dragon's fire would burn, etc. However in best D&D style (from which I drew my inspiration with the Illusion school and its "shadow spells") it would only be 1/2 damage or 1/2 real so to speak.

It this a way to go? A Major Breakthrough that breaks the limit of Imaginem not being physical?

This sounds very similar to glamour magic in HoH:MC.

Here are the differences

Glamour magic does not have a vim req.
Glamours are based off of a different set of guidelines than images (I think that this is key)
It is hinted that glamour magic can not be initiated into without taking a flaw to make your magic susseptible to being instantly dispelled some particular thing (say by cold iron or salt).

I think that his may well fit inot major (on the more powerful end of major but perhaps a bit beneith full blown hermetic)

Here's my problem with the theory (regardless of what rules you create to impliemnt it in the game): I don't understand at all why infusing imagonem with vim would make it more substantial at all. Vim can not make substantial things.

Here is my plan, which is not so much a suggestion as it is just something to hopefully add to the conversation. I'd instead infuse imagonem with other forms such as terram, animal and aquam and then create materials that are not entirely real with set of guidelines that makes creation of the imagonem+other form semi real objects slightly lower level (say by a magnitude or two) than the creation of real objects.

But then, for substituting Vim with Animal, Aquam etc, you could just say: Why make an Imaginem spell with an animal req., and not just an Animal spell? The reason is flexibility and versatility.

In my optic, Vim as raw magic channels parts of the 14 other Hermetic forms as well as it self. It is thus semi all-of-them. This means that it could not become a req. "for real" with a full blown effect, but it could be a support req. that channels a lesser effect, with less impact on the world.

Now I am not saying that by fusing Im with Vi you could just create any other spell: The Breakthrough might have a magnitude limit, it might demand Vis or other things, but it would give a versatility offset by a magnitude limit or/and a "reality" limit.

P.S. don't own Mystery Cults, but thanks for adding the info :smiley: