Major focus: Spells or Metamagic

Hi Folks, I am checking in the collective hive mind if this Major focus seems correct:
Major Focus (Vim): Spells - the focus is any spells affecting another spells: increase range/area of effect/duration (MuVi), dispelling (PeVi), detecting/analysing (InVi).

What is not part of it, but is part of Vim: any regio related spells, magical item, demons. I would also be tempted to leave Aegis out of it despite being an effective protection against spells because it is not fully integrated and also because it goes beyond just stopping spells but also creature with might.

I believe Spells or Metamagic is too broad for a minor focus, but as a major focus it seems reasonable.


By Spells, do you Hermetic spells? Or spells from other traditions too?

So, the Major Focus might including PeVi to destroy a spell, MuVi to change spells, ReVi to ward vs spells (to the extent that guidelines allow...), InVi to etc, but not vs naranjes, charms, weird hedgie spells, effects placed in an enchanted item or familiar bond?

I'd allow it as Major without blinking.

(The part I might blink at, though, has nothing to do with the Focus but with the canonical rules for MuVi: EG.. utterly change a spell means that a magus need only know one spell of a given Form, taken with as much Mastery as desired, and spontaneous MuVi can utterly hack it.)



OK for me. It's one of the most theme defining major foci IMO.

(MuVi : either he has a multitude of mutovim spells (a formulaic mutovim spell is quite "fixed" when you compare what the canon spells do to the possibilities of their guideline), or he does them in spontaneous - and each time choose the adequate effect from the guideline -, so I don't think it's a problem.)


I do agree.

I only suggest that MuVi guidelines like "utterly change a magical effect" need to be watched to see how they really work out in a particular game.



I do agree that the MuVi spells allowing you to utterly change the spell's effects are... to handle with care.
For now, I am more interested in the ability to change range/target/duration and so on.
Thanks all for your feedback.

Those guidelines are quite interesting, but with heavy limitation (the major one being the /2 ni the guideline for total changes, which restrict many things). Another thing is the fact you need to cast twice each time and finally that you must have a basic formulaic spell to modify, to begin with.